Can a director be a company secretary in Malaysia?

Yes, a person who is a single director (who is also the single member) can act as the secretary of the company.

Can company secretary be a director?

Thus a company secretary can be appointed as an executive director of other company. … As per Section 203 a person can be Managing Director in more than one Company with the approval of the Board of Director of First Company.

Who can be a company secretary in Malaysia?

1. What is a Company Secretary? The secretary of a company must be a natural person of full age who has his principal or only place of residence in Malaysia. He must be a member of a prescribed body or is licensed by the Registrar of Companies.

Who Cannot be a company secretary?

However, the role of company secretary cannot be held by anyone who is under the age of 16, an undischarged bankrupt, the auditor of the company, or a disqualified director.

Can you be a company secretary without being a director?

Director and secretary – There is no prohibition in the Act on a person acting both as director and secretary of a company. … Company secretaries fall under the definition of ‘officer’ of a corporation (s 9 of the Act), so they have many of the same duties and obligations as directors.

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Can a company secretary become a CEO?

A company secretary can be the CEO of the company too, which keeps his/her position close to the board of directors.

Can I be my own company secretary?

The sole director of a company and the company secretary cannot be the same person. Private limited companies need not appoint a professionally qualified secretary. Only public companies must appoint a professionally qualified secretary (e.g. lawyers, accountants and chartered secretaries).

Is Company Secretary mandatory in Malaysia?

Every company in Malaysia must appoint a company secretary under Section 236 of the Companies Act 2016 (“Act”). … As a result, company secretary is required to be highly versatile so that he can regularly review the board procedures and advises the board of corporate governance matters.

What does a company secretary do in Malaysia?

The Company Secretary has the responsibility to ensure the company is compliant with legislation as in Companies Act. He or she acts as the official liaison party for the company to communicate, prepare, and submit Statutory Returns with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

Can a lawyer be a company secretary?

(8) No Advocate and Solicitor is permitted to merely supervise a company secretarial firm, unless his/her law firm handles the secretarial work and secretarial fees are paid directly to the law firm.

What is salary of CS?

Pay Scale/Salary of Company Secretary (CS)

Job Profile Starting Salary per annum (in INR) Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)
Company Secretary Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000
Legal Advisor Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 4,00,000 – 5,00,000
Principal Secretary Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000
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Can I remove a company secretary?

A secretary can be removed from a private limited company at any time by a simple majority vote of the directors or by ordinary resolution of the members, subject to any service contract in force. … Directors must approve a resolution to remove a secretary – this can be done at a board meeting or by written resolution.

Who appoints company secretary?

Mandatory Requirements

Company Secretary shall be appointed by means of a resolution of the Board containing the terms and conditions of the appointment including the remuneration. A Company Secretary shall not hold office in more than one company except in its subsidiary company at the same time.

Does a company secretary have to attend board meetings?

In particular, their duties normally include arranging board meetings. Secretaries must convene a meeting of the board of directors if any director asks for one. … A company secretary may also take responsibility for signing off documents on behalf of the board, such as leases or documents relating to accounts.

Does a private company need a secretary?

Proprietary companies

A proprietary company must have at least one director. … A proprietary company is not required to have a secretary. If it does, they must live in Australia.

What’s the difference between secretary and director?

Company Officers

Directors are appointed by members (shareholders and guarantors) to run and manage the day-to-day operations of the business. Secretaries are optional for private companies, but not public companies. They are usually appointed to assist directors with important administrative tasks.

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