Can I Authorise someone to collect my Singapore passport?

Yes, you may authorise anyone aged 18 years or over to collect your passport.

Can you collect passport on behalf of someone?

Can I appoint another person to collect my passport at the post office on my behalf? You must collect your passport personally because your identity will be checked via the fingerprint and facial verification system before your passport can be issued.

Can I collect passport on behalf Singapore?

Children aged below six years old are not required to be physically present for the collection of their passports and their parents can collect on their behalf by appointments. Applicants of other ages must collect their passports in person. … Current passport (if valid); AND. Original NRIC.

How do I authorize someone to pick up my passport?

The letter must state the name and/or Company name of the authorized party. State that the authorized party may pick up the passport on the applicant’s behalf. State the name on the passport. State the passport number.

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Can collect NRIC On behalf?

Yes, this is possible. A person residing at the same address may collect on behalf of the document holder. He/she must be able to produce identity documents to confirm his/her identity and address.

Can someone pick up passport for me?

A representative picks the passport: You don’t have to necessarily pick the passport yourself. … If someone else is picking up your passport on your behalf then they need to carry their own government issued photo ID and a photocopy of the applicant’s i.e. your government issued photo ID.

Can passport be delivered to family member?

It is at the discretion of the postman to either deliver the passport envelop to some family member of the applicant after checking their ID proof document or return the same to the Regional Passport Office.

Can I get my passport on the same day in Singapore?

For urgent cases, the passport can be collected on the day itself. You will have to inform the officer at the counter that your flight is at 11.45am and hope that they can process it within the hour.

What happens if you missed passport appointment?

Cancelling/Rescheduling a Visit: If Applicants with confirmed appointments are unable to visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or a Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) due to some reason, they are advised to reschedule/cancel their appointments.

What documents do I need to collect my passport?

Pick-up Information

Documents required Applicant collecting own passport
A photocopy of applicant’s Indian government-issued photo ID
A copy of your appointment letter preferred
Representative’s original Indian government-issued photo ID and 1 photocopy
Original authorization letter (Scanned or Email copies not accepted)
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What is a passport letter of authorization?

A passport authorization letter is a letter that authorizes A Briggs to act as your representative when submitting your passport application. The United States Passport Agency requires that you sign this letter before they will release your new or updated passport to us once your order is complete.

How do I write an authorization letter to get a passport?

This letter serves to authorize Mr/Ms to collect my / our passports from Visa Collection Center on our/my behalf. Note: By signing this authorization letter, you absolve Team CGI of any responsibilities once the passports have been delivered and are in the possession of the person authorized to act on your behalf.

How do I write an authorization letter?

The format of authorization letter should include the date, name of the person to whom it is written, detail of the person who has been authorized (like name and identity proof), the reason for his unavailability, duration of the authorized letter and action to be done by another person.

Is Nric same as fin?

A National Registration Identification Card, or NRIC, is the identity document used in Singapore for Singaporeans and permanent resident of Singapore. A Foreign Identification Number, or FIN, is issued to an individual who is a long-term pass holders by the Singapore government.

Under the Advisory Guidelines on the PDPA for NRIC and Other National Identification Numbers, which takes effect on 1 September 2019, private sector organisations are only allowed to collect, use or disclose NRIC numbers or copies of the NRIC if: … The collection, use or disclosure is required by the law; or.

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Is it safe to give IC copy?

While information like your IC number and mobile number alone may be harmless to give away, a set of information — such as your full name, address, IC and mobile number — can be used to steal your identity.

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