Did Creedence Clearwater serve in Vietnam?

As a war in Vietnam was beginning to ramp up in 1966, Fogerty walked into a recruiter’s office around the same time his draft number came up. … “I was on active duty for six months, but I was in the Reserves between 1966 and 1968,” said Fogerty.

Did any of CCR serve in Vietnam?

They didn’t go to Vietnam because that’s what they wanted to do, but they did it. And they should be proud, but they came home to a country that wasn’t.

Did Creedence Clearwater serve in the military?

Military service

During his time in the Army Reserve, Fogerty attended training at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, and Fort Lee. He completed his active duty for training in July 1967, then served as a part-time reservist until being discharged in 1968.

Did they actually play Fortunate Son in Vietnam?

It was used in movies because it was the perfect song for a Vietnam War movie, the movies didn’t make the song that way for those who actually fought and died in Vietnam. Maybe it did for later generations. Sadly, the song still applies today because rich kids don’t join the military.

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Did John Fogerty ever serve in Vietnam?

Short answer: He did, and although Fogerty wasn’t sent to Vietnam, he served in the Army from 1966 to 1968, per Fort Knox News.

Here are 9 of the most famous.

  • Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones. …
  • Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival. …
  • For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield. …
  • Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding. …
  • We’ve Gotta Get Out of this Place – The Animals. …
  • What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye. …
  • War – Edwin Starr.


Did the Vietnam War come to a sudden or gradual end?

Did the war come to a gradual end? Why? No. It was just a gradual change because there was no more war.

What broke up Creedence Clearwater Revival?

In October 1972, five months after the Mardis Gras album (which still reached No. 12), John Fogerty disbanded Creedence Clearwater Revival, publicly citing Mardis Gras as a reason. “He came round to my house and told me: ‘I’m quitting’,” says Cook.

Is Creedence Clearwater Revival still touring?

All Touring has been suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s biggest hit?

Top 10 Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs

  • ‘Down on the Corner’ …
  • ‘Green River’ …
  • ‘Lookin’ Out My Back Door’ …
  • ‘Bad Moon Rising’ …
  • ‘Who’ll Stop the Rain’ From: ‘Cosmo’s Factory’ (1970) …
  • ‘Proud Mary’ From: ‘Bayou Country’ (1969) …
  • ‘Born on the Bayou’ From: ‘Bayou Country’ (1969) …
  • ‘Fortunate Son’ From: ‘Willy and the Poor Boys’ (1970)
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Did they play music from helicopters in Vietnam?

What an awesome scene. Army military helicopters flying in on the North Vietnamese, guns blazing, as Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” plays from loudspeakers. … Horns, buglers, and drummers sounded orders for entire armies from the Classical era until as late as the Korean War.

How did soldiers listen to music in Vietnam?

They listened to the radio, or on cassette desks or reel-to-reel tape players. They loved Hendrix and Nancy Sinatra, and especially songs that had anything to do with going home, because that was their main goal.

Is Bad Moon Rising about the Vietnam?

Creedence Clearwater Revival

The hits “Bad Moon Rising” (1969) and “Who’ll Stop the Rain” (1970) evoked the Vietnam War and civil discord without explicitly referring to those events; “Fortunate Son” (1969) was a furious blast at wealth and status. From the beginning of 1969 until the end of 1970, Creedence…

Who is in John Fogerty’s band now?

Джон Фогерти/Музыкальные группы

How much did the Vietnam War cost Vietnam?

The Vietnam War cost $168 billion or $1 trillion in today’s dollars. 19 That included $111 billion in military operations and $28.5 billion in aid to South Vietnam.

Who wrote the song Proud Mary?

John Fogerty

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