Do all Thai ATMs charge?

Do All ATMs In Thailand Charge? All Thai banks now charge the 220 baht fee on withdrawals with a foreign card. There are some exceptions but they are nearly impossible to find.

How much do ATMs charge in Thailand?

Unfortunately the Thailand banks take advantage of this. They charge their own additional ATM fees: I call it the 200 Baht ATM fee. Once home, these ATM charges in Thailand will not show up on your bank statement as a fee, but as an extra cash withdrawal.

What ATMs do not charge a fee?

No-Fee ATM Networks

  • STAR Network: They have more than 2 million STAR ATM locations. …
  • CO-OP ATM: They have more than 30,000 ATM networks for members of credit unions without paying a surcharge. …
  • PULSE: This ATM network has over 380,000 ATMs in the U.S that can be found by PULSE ATM Locator.


Do all ATMs charge a fee?

You can use some Australian debit cards at any Big Four bank ATM in the country and pay no fees. … You can use any Australian debit card at CommBank, ANZ, NAB or Westpac ATMs Australia-wide and pay no ATM withdrawal fees.

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Which ATM is best in Thailand?

Where do I find ATMs in Thailand?

  • Aeon Bank.
  • Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri)
  • Bangkok Bank.
  • Krungthai Bank.
  • Siam Commercial Bank.


Is 50000 baht a lot?

50,000 Baht a Month – Many western teachers in Thailand say the 50,000 baht figure is enough money for a comfortable lifestyle with several monthly ‘luxury’ items thrown in. Most agree they would be happy to live on that kind of money.

How can I avoid ATM fees in Thailand?

You can do counter withdrawal at a Thai Bank or currency exchange and avoid Thai ATM’s completely. As technically it is not an ATM withdrawal. Thai banks do not charge you the ATM fee for withdrawals or cash advances using your card at the Thai bank’s counter.

How can I withdraw money for free?

Start With Your Bank

The simplest solution is to visit your bank or credit union when you need to withdraw cash, although that’s not always the most convenient option. Your bank’s ATM should be free for you to use, but customers from other banks most likely have to pay fees at the same machines.

Which bank has unlimited free ATM transactions?

IndusInd Bank offers unlimited free ATM transactions at any bank ATM in India. “Unlimited Free ATM Withdrawal with your IndusInd Bank Debit Card across any ATM in India,” mentions the bank’s website. According to the BankBazaar website, “Citi Bank still offers unlimited free transactions.”

Are allpoint ATMs really free?

A: If your financial institution participates in Allpoint, then you will not be charged a surcharge fee for using an Allpoint ATM. While not likely, your financial institution may charge you a foreign fee for using any ATM, including an Allpoint ATM, that it does not operate directly.

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What is the highest ATM fee?

Get ready to pay more to retrieve your cash at an ATM. That’s because customers who withdraw money outside of their bank’s network are now paying an average fee of $4.72 — a record high, according to an analysis by

Is the first ATM transaction free?

Usually, your bank won’t charge an ATM fee when you use a bank-branded machine. … First, your bank will charge you a surcharge for using a non-network machine. Second, the ATM operator will also charge a small fee. You’ll typically see this fee pop up on the ATM before you complete your transaction.

Why are ATM fees so high?

“People are making fewer ATM withdrawals — and being smarter about it when they do, so the number of people being impacted is on the decline. Unfortunately that means that those that are still making out-of-network ATM withdrawals, they are paying higher fees,” says McBride.

Is it better to take cash to Thailand?

Most travellers find that there’s no need to carry a lot of cash. It’s a hassle, and if can be unsafe. Even though most visits to Thailand are trouble-free, carrying around a wad of cash is a good way to make you a target for thieves.

How much can I withdraw from Thai ATM?

The large majority of Thai ATM machines have a withdrawal limit of ฿20,000 ($617). Some banks have higher limits such as Bangkok Bank ฿25,000 ($771), and Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Bank) ($925). In terms of fees, it works out cheaper to do one large withdrawal over a number of small transactions.

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Can I use my debit card in Thailand?

Visa and Mastercard branded travel, debit and credit cards can be used for over the counter purchases and ATM withdrawals in Thailand. … You’ll find ATMs accept most major international bank cards throughout most of Thailand.

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