Do Vietnamese people celebrate Mid Autumn?

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month according to the lunar calendar. As the Vietnamese refer to the lunar calendar for the dates of their festivals, it often means the dates vary according to the Gregorian calendar that we are all used to.

Do Vietnamese people celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is named “Têt Trung Thu” in Vietnamese. It’s a traditional festival for Vietnamese children.

How do they celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

Mooncake madness

Mooncakes are best enjoyed with a hot cup of green tea. All across Vietnam, families welcome Tết Trung Thu by placing a five-fruit tray and cakes on our ancestral altar. We offer the food to our ancestors and worship, before feasting on mooncakes — usually outside under the light of the moon.

How long is Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam?

The festival is held each year in November for 3 days.

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What is Mid-Autumn Festival called in Vietnamese?

Known as Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebrates the fall harvest, full moon, and well-being of friends and family.

What does the Mid Autumn Festival symbolize?

The Mid-autumn Festival is associated with the moon and “moon appreciation” (shangyue) parties, particularly because the moon is at its brightest during this time. The festival also coincides with the end of the autumn harvest, marking the end of the Hungry Ghost Festival, which occurs during the seventh lunar month.

What do you say at the Mid Autumn Festival?

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Zhōngqiū kuàilè!

  • Wish you a perfect life just like the roundest moon in Mid-Autumn Day. …
  • Happy Mid-Autumn Day! …
  • I want to make a toast. I Wish that the round moon take my best blessing to you. May you have a happy family and a bright future.

What do kids do Mid Autumn Festival?

At the festival, all of us kids would perform Chinese songs and dances. We would also do fun crafts, play games, and eat LOTS of amazing food. Mid Autumn Festival circa 1992 – our priest cheating at limbo!

Why do we celebrate Mid Autumn Festival?

Marking the end of the autumn harvest, the Mid-Autumn Festival was traditionally a time to give thanks to the gods. It is also a time of year that the moon is at its brightest, which is why lunar legends have always been attached to the celebration.

What is the legend of the Mid Autumn Festival?

The central legend associated with Mid-Autumn Festival concerns the goddess Chang’e. This tale tells of how, long ago, the Earth had 10 suns, the heat of which ravaged the world with a terrible drought. At the request of the Emperor of Heaven, the great archer Hou Yi shot down nine of the suns, saving life on Earth.

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What do Mid-Autumn Festival people eat?

The most popular Mid-Autumn Festival foods include mooncakes, pumpkin, river snails, taro, wine fermented with osmanthus flowers, duck and hairy crabs.

What do we do on Mid-Autumn Festival?

The common customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival include family members eating dinner together, just like a Thanksgiving dinner, sharing mooncakes, worshiping the moon with gifts, displaying lanterns, and regional activities.

How did Mid-Autumn Festival start?

The early form of the Mid-Autumn Festival was derived from the custom of moon worship during the Zhou Dynasty over 3,000 years ago. In ancient China, most emperors worshiped the moon annually. Then the custom was accepted by the masses and became more and more popular over time.

Why do people celebrate Tet Trung Thu?

It is said to have originated from the influence of China’s occupation of Vietnam. However, celebrated for more than 400 years, it is wholly a part of Vietnam’s way of life now. Locals celebrate the festival to give thanks to the moon for their successful harvest season.

What are some Vietnamese traditions?

Traditions & Customs in Vietnam

  • Ancestor Worship. …
  • Burning votive paper. …
  • Animist beliefs. …
  • God of Wealth Worship in business. …
  • Visiting the pagoda by the beginning of year. …
  • Lunar New Year reunion (Tet holiday)

Who do you give mooncakes to?

Mooncakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals.

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