How do I call Jakarta from UK?

How do I call Indonesia from the UK?

To call Indonesia from United Kingdom, dial: 00 – 62 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 62 – 9, 10 or 11 Digit Mobile Number.

How do I dial Indonesia?


How do I make an international call to Indonesia?

To place a direct international call from Indonesia: Dial the international access code (00), plus the country code, the area or city code, and the number (for example, to call the U.S., you’d dial 00 1 000/000-0000). International country codes are: Australia, 61; Canada, 1; New Zealand, 64; U.K., 44; U.S., 1.

What is Jakarta country code?

Indonesia international dialing 62 is followed by an area code.


City Dial Codes
Irian +62-9
Jakarta +62-21
Jember +62-33
Jombang +62-32

What is the abbreviation for Indonesia?

Appendix DISO Country Codes for Selected Countries

Country Two-letter Abbreviation
Indonesia ID
Iran IR
Iraq IQ
Ireland IE

What is *# 62 code used for?

*#62# – With this, you can know if any of your calls – voice, data, fax, SMS etc, has been forwarded or diverted without your knowledge.

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Which country has +63 code?

States and territories with country calling codes

Country name Region Country Code
Philippines 6 +63
Qatar 9 +974
Russia 7 +7
Saudi Arabia 9 +966

Which country has code 62?

Indonesia Country Code 62 – Worldometer.

How much do international calls cost?

The overall cost of international calling has become cheaper with the rise of internet-based, voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) services. Pricing for calls can range anywhere from just one cent per minute to upward of 10 cents per minute.

How can I call uk cheap?

Here’s a short guide on how to do this:

  1. Get Yolla. Get Yolla on the App Store or Google Play – it’s free!
  2. Sign Up and Get Credits. To make cheap calls to United Kingdom or other countries abroad you’ll need to verify your mobile phone number and get some Yolla credits. …
  3. Dial a British Phone Number.

How do I make an international call from my home phone?

Simply dial 1, the area code, and the number you are trying to reach. To call a phone in another country, dial 011, and then the code for the country you are calling, the area or city code, and the phone number.

Which country is 91 code?

Dial the country code for India – 91.

Which country code is 94?

Sri Lanka Country Code 94 – Worldometer.

What country code is 81?

Telephone numbers in Japan

Country calling code +81
International call prefix 010
Trunk prefix
Notes from the road