How do I close my company in Cambodia?

From online service, choose your company, click on maintain company, and then choose File Notice of Intention to Liquidate/Dissolve. You are required to upload statement of intent to liquidate, statement of intent to dissolve, Resolution, Resolution date and your consent before submitting.

How do I close my business in Cambodia?

To close your business, first send a letter to the Cambodian Department of Taxation declaring your intent to close. Within two months, an auditor will address outstanding taxes. A certificate of closure is then issued, which must be taken to the MoC, who then issue a Certificate of Closure.

Can I just close my limited company?

If you choose to close (also known as winding up your limited company), you must apply to Companies House to have it voluntarily wound-up and struck off the register. You can only have your company struck off the Companies Registrar if: Your company hasn’t traded or sold any stock in the last 3 months.

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How do you cancel a company?

  1. To close a company under FTE, one should apply through Form FTE, available in MCA website. …
  2. On receiving the application, the Registrar would display the name of the company on its website for a period of 30 days, to give notice to anyone who may have objection to the striking off the name of the company.

What do I need to close a limited company?

Closing a limited company

  1. apply to get the company struck off the Register of Companies.
  2. start a members’ voluntary liquidation.

What is the best business to start in Cambodia?

Doing business in Cambodia – Market opportunity

  • Tourism infrastructure and resorts.
  • Education services.
  • Architecture, construction, and engineering services.
  • Household goods and appliances.
  • Agribusiness and food processing.
  • Used cars and automotive parts.
  • Power generation equipment.
  • Fast food and beverage franchises.

How much does it cost to register a company in Cambodia?

The cost of business registration varies based on the type of enterprise and its taxpayer classification by the General Department of Taxation. Foreign companies will first need to reserve a company name at a cost of 25,000 riels (US$6). The business registration fee will cost 1 million riels (US$246).

What happens if I close my ltd company?

After your company has been struck off, you cannot trade or carry out any business activities through that limited company. Any assets that are still held by the company at the point it is struck off will become the property of the crown.

Can HMRC pursue a dissolved company?

HMRC can indeed pursue a dissolved company, particularly if they feel they have tried to evade responsibility. These investigations may happen up to 20 years after the fact.

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How much does it cost to close a Ltd company?

The quick answer

Typically, the total cost of closing a limited company that is insolvent is £5,000 plus vat. This is only an approximate guide. If the company is solvent then it will usually be cheaper and cost from £1,500 upwards as it is simpler to deal with.

How do I close a startup?

How to Shut Down Your Startup Gracefully

  1. Staff — Plan Early. …
  2. The Early Warning. …
  3. The Final Countdown. …
  4. Investors — Be Blunt and Own It. …
  5. Media & Social — Control the Narrative. …
  6. Customers — Give Them a Gift. …
  7. Legal & Financial — Close it Out Hard. …
  8. Bonus — Move the Hell On.


Can I cancel a company registration?

There are primarily two options for companies to cancel company registration. This mode lets you close the company rapidly; even a company which is defunct can apply for this same mode.

How do I close a one person company?

What Documents are Required to Close a One Person Company

  1. The Application for Striking Off the OPC.
  2. Board Resolution in favor of the desired winding up.
  3. Consent Letter and Affidavit of its Director.
  4. Consent of the Creditors of the OPC.
  5. Indemnity Bond.
  6. Statement of Accounts.
  7. And, the Statement of the Assets and Liabilities.

Do I have to pay corporation tax if I close my company?

If your company or organisation ceases trading or business activity, closes down or is forced to close down, you may still have to file Company Tax Returns and pay Corporation Tax during the closing or winding up process.

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How long does it take to close a Ltd company?

How long does it take to dissolve a company? Generally, it takes at least 3 months from the winding-up notice being advertised in the Gazette to dissolve a limited company, but the length of time can vary considerably if the process is complex.

How do I close a Ltd company that has never been traded?

You can close down your limited company by getting it ‘struck off’ the Companies Register, but only if it:

  1. hasn’t traded or sold off any stock in the last 3 months.
  2. hasn’t changed names in the last 3 months.
  3. isn’t threatened with liquidation.
  4. has no agreements with creditors, eg a Company Voluntary Arrangement ( CVA )
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