How do you get from Thailand to Myanmar?

What companies run services between Thailand and Myanmar? Thai AirAsia flies from Pak Kret to Sagaing once daily. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Bangkok to Yangon via Rangsit Market, Rangsit, Mae Sot, Myawaddy, and Yangon in around 19h 53m.

Can you travel from Thailand to Myanmar?

The first step of crossing the land border from Thailand to Myanmar consists on going all the way to the town nearest to the border: Mae Sot. The bus company Greenbus does that route. Buses leave from Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 3 at 8:35 am, 1:10pm and 5pm. The trip takes about 6h30 to 7 hours.

How many hours is Myanmar from Thailand?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Myanmar and Thailand is 854 km= 531 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Myanmar to Thailand, It takes 0.95 hours to arrive.

How long is the border between Thailand and Myanmar?

The Myanmar–Thailand border is the international border between the territory of Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Thailand. The border is 2,416 km (1,501 m) in length and runs from the tripoint with Laos in the north to Andaman Sea coast in the south.

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How do I get to Myanmar from Bangkok?

The best way to get from Bangkok to Myanmar is to fly which takes 4h 40m and costs ฿2600 – ฿65000. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ฿1000 – ฿1700 and takes 18h 24m.

Can you drive from Myanmar to Thailand?

Can I drive from Myanmar to Thailand? Yes, the driving distance between Myanmar to Thailand is 918 km. It takes approximately 12h 41m to drive from Myanmar to Thailand.

Is Myanmar safe?

In general, most of Myanmar is considered perfectly safe. And while certain parts of the country are still experiencing political turmoil, there have been no reports of tourist-related violence in and around the main attractions (which are a considerable distance away from the regions currently experiencing conflict).

Is Myanmar more expensive than Thailand?

Cost of living in Yangon (Myanmar) is 26% cheaper than in Bangkok (Thailand)

Is Myanmar travel expensive?

1. Myanmar is expensive. Not in absolute terms, of course. But compared to other Southeast Asia countries, expect to find higher prices and, often, not exactly what I’d call ‘value for money’ options.

What is the best month to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar is during the dry season (October-May), when the whole country is accessible and temperatures are warm, ranging from 72°F to 100°F. However, Myanmar has a lot to offer year-round and you can travel there every month except September (when it’s very wet).

Are there flights from Myanmar to Thailand?

Myanmar Airways International operates 41 non-stop flights from Yangon (RGN) to Bangkok (BKK).

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How do I cross the border from Myanmar to Thailand?

  1. Myanmar/Thailand Land Border Crossings. There are four land-crossings between Myanmar and Thailand, however only three of them are accessible if you’re entering on a Tourist Visa. …
  2. Mae Sai/Tachileik Land Crossing. …
  3. Myawaddy/Mae Sot Land Crossing. …
  4. Kawthaung/Ranong Land Crossing. …
  5. Border Crossing Tips. …
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Is Burma part of Thailand?

Myanmar and Thailand are in the same region, but beyond that there aren’t many similarities. Thailand has been successful in its quest for economic and political development while Myanmar has failed. First of all the Union of Myanmar was colonized by the British, whereas Thailand has always been independent.

How do I get a visa for Myanmar?

Get eVisa Approval Within 4 Steps

  1. FILL IN THE SECURE ONLINE VISA FORM. Applicant is required to enter all the necessary information in the visa form.

How far is Bangkok from Yangon?

The distance between Bangkok and Yangon is 576 km. The road distance is 920.3 km.

Can you cross into Myanmar by land?

Arriving And Departing Over Land. At present it is possible to travel freely over land between the Myanmar borders with Thailand and India. The border crossing with Laos is remote and permission to cross remains uncertain, and the borders with both Bangladesh and China are closed to foreigners.

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