How much do textile workers make in Vietnam?

The current minimum wage in Vietnam ranges from US$125 to US$180, and while a recent study from the ILO shows that garment workers in Vietnam earn around US$248 per month – this is much lower than US$583 per month national average.

How much do garment workers make in Vietnam?

Monthly base wage in textile sector in Vietnam 2018, by region. In 2018, the base wage for garment workers was at 4.46 million Vietnamese dong for Region I. In that year, the minimum monthly wages for Region I was at 3.98 million Vietnamese dong.

What is the minimum wage of a garment worker?

For example, while the United States offers one of the world’s highest minimum wages for garment workers (USD $1,160/month), that minimum wage level was only about 70% of the living wage (USD $1,660/month) 2018-2019. In comparison, garment workers in Indonesia earned a much lower nominal minimum wage of USD $181/month.

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How many garment workers are there in Vietnam?

Vietnam is the largest garment producer in Asia after China. There are about 6,000 enterprises in the textile and garment industry in Vietnam, providing employment for an estimated 2.5 million people. Out of this, 2,500 enterprises serve the export market.

How much do sweatshop workers get paid in Vietnam?

Those who work in foreign-owned textile and leather factories make less, about 26 to 28 cents per hour. Workers in joint ven- tures do a little better than the average worker, making an average of 26 cents per hour, but not as much as workers in foreign enterprises.

What is minimum wage in Vietnam?

In 2020, the National Wage Council had increased the monthly minimum wage in Vietnam, reaching 4.42 million Vietnamese dong for Region I. As of fourth quarter 2018, the average monthly salary for paid workers and employees was at 5.88 million Vietnamese dong.

How many workers does Nike have in Vietnam?

The five Nike factories in Vietnam, owned by Korean and Taiwanese subcontractors, employed over 35,000 people, predominantly young women, who left village farms to earn better wages.

Why are factory workers paid so little?

Sweatshop workers are extremely low-paid

Some people work for as little as 3 US cent per hour, often more than 100 hours per week in conditions of poor air quality and extreme heat.

How many hours per day does the average garment worker work?

Garment workers are often forced to work 14 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. During peak season, they may work until 2 or 3 am to meet the fashion brand’s deadline. Their basic wages are so low that they cannot refuse overtime – aside from the fact that many would be fired if they refused to work overtime.

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How much do garment workers make a day?

Garment workers are paid about 5 cents to 12 cents per piece of clothing. They work five-and-a-half days a week, 10 hours per day.

How big is the textile industry in Vietnam?

In 2019, Vietnam’s garment and textile industry earned US$39 billion from exports, a year-on-year increase of over 8.3 percent, according to the Vietnam General Statistics Office. Garment manufacturing accounts for the majority of businesses, at 70 percent.

How are workers treated in Vietnam?

About 79 percent of Vietnam’s labour force, including a large number of migrants, is employed in the informal economy. … Both migrant and informal workers often face poor working and living conditions, with low and insecure incomes, long working hours and precarious employment.

How many hours do Nike factory workers work?

Factory jobs may require women to work long hours, ranging from nine to fourteen hours per day, six days a week. They are severely limited in the amount of time they can take off and are forced to work overtime on several occasions during the week.

What is the minimum wage in USA?

The federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees is $7.25 per hour. Many states also have minimum wage laws. In cases where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages.

How much do Nike workers make in Indonesia?

Much of Adidas’ and Nike’s sportswear is made in Indonesia, where 80 percent of workers in the garment sector are women and some make as little as 86 euros ($102) a month while others do not earn the legal minimum wage, according to the CCC’s report.

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Where is the Nike factory in Vietnam?

The Tae Kwang Vina factory, which was inspected by Ernst & Young, is one of Nike’s larger plants. It has 9,200 workers and makes 400,000 pairs of athletic shoes each month at Bien Hoa City, some 25 miles northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon.

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