How much does Indonesia spend on education?

In 2020, the government budget for education amounted to around 508 trillion Indonesian rupiah. This was a slight increase compared to the previous year. In Indonesia, it is mandatory for every citizen to complete 12 years of compulsory education.

Which country has the highest budget for education?

Norway reported the highest total expenditures on education institutions as a percentage of GDP (6.6 percent), followed by New Zealand, Chile, and the United Kingdom (all 6.3 percent), Israel (6.2 percent), and the United States (6.1 percent).

How much does Thailand spend on education?

In 2020, government expenditure on education in Thailand amounted to approximately 483.49 billion Thai baht. This was a decrease in expenditures compared to the previous year which amounted to approximately 493 billion Thai baht.

What is the current percentage of expenditure on education?

India spends 4.6 per cent of its total GDP on education, and ranks 62nd in total public expenditure on education per student, according to IMD. Experts have called for raising the education expenditure to 6 per cent, which is also in sync with Niti Aayog’s target to improve education quality in India.

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How much Singapore spends on education?

In 2019, government expenditure on education was approximately 12.83 billion Singapore dollars. Singapore needs to invest in its education system, as it relies on a skilled and educated workforce to support its economy.

Which country is #1 in education?

Number 1: Canada.

This country tops the list as the most educated in the world, with 56.27 percent of adults having earned some kind of higher education.

Which country is most educated?

Take a look at the most educated countries in the world, according to percentage of population with tertiary (highest level) education.

  1. South Korea (69.8 percent)
  2. Canada (63 percent) …
  3. Russia (62.1 percent) …
  4. Japan (61.5 percent) …
  5. Ireland (55.4 percent) …
  6. Lithuania (55.2 percent) …
  7. Luxembourg (55 percent) …


Is education free in Thailand?

Compulsory education in Thailand covers the first nine years of “basic education” (six years of elementary school and three years of lower secondary school). Education at public schools is free of charge until grade 9.

How many days a week is school in Thailand?

Academic year in Thailand begins in mid-May and ends in March, and generally requires 7-8 hours per day, five days per week. There are roughly 40-50 students per class, and students remain in the same room for all subjects while the teachers alternate classrooms. Many high schools have over 5,000 students.

How much does the government spend on education 2019?

When all funding sources are accounted for (federal, state and local), the budget package projects spending of $103.4 billion for TK–12 education programs, with per-pupil spending of $17,423 in 2019–20, compared to $16,991 in 2018–19.

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How is government expenditure on education expressed?

Government expenditure on education can be expressed in two ways : (i) As a percentage of total government expenditure, (ii) As a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The measure as a percentage of GDP is a better measure since, it sets fixed targets rather than variable government expenditure.

How much do we spend on education?

Education Spending by State

Rank State Spending Per Pupil
Rank 18 State Ohio Spending Per Pupil $13,027
Rank 19 State Washington Spending Per Pupil $12,995
Rank 20 State Minnesota Spending Per Pupil $12,975
Rank 21 State California Spending Per Pupil $12,498

How much of GDP does Singapore spend on education?

Singapore Education Spending 2000-2021

Similar Country Ranking
Country Name Education Spending (% of GDP)
Singapore 28.84%
Aruba 21.87%
Hong Kong 20.30%

Is education in Singapore free?

Primary education is free for all Singapore citizens in schools under the purview of the Ministry of Education, though there is a monthly miscellaneous fee of up to SGD 13 per student.

What are the literacy rates in Singapore and for both genders?

Singapore it has, according to UNESCO, an adult literacy rate of 97.34%. While the male literacy rate is 98.85%, for females is 95.92%. In contrast with other neighbouring states is number 50º in the ranking of literacy rate.

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