Is Malaysian wood furniture durable?

Durable. Contrary to most Western beliefs, rubberwood is not as flexible as you think. It’s quite a durable hardwood, belonging to the maple family. It has a strength of about 9500 psi, stiffness of 1.3 million psi, and hardness of 500 pounds.

Is Malaysian wood durable?

Malaysian white oak, with tough texture, clear outline, slim texture, strong three-dimensional effect and good stability. It is a relatively high-grade wood in furniture. … The white oak furniture is solid, firm, damp and not easily deformed, extremely resistant to wear and has a long service life.

Is Malaysia Furniture good quality?

The prices of Malaysian-made furniture are expected to be cheaper when compared to products made in developed countries, but certainly of better quality than others produced in Indo-China. “Our prices are quite competitive. We have good quality rubberwood. … Their prices are fixed wherever you buy them,” Tan said.

What kind of wood is used in Malaysia for furniture?

Rubberwood is also known as plantation hardwood, parawood, or “Hevea” for the genus that the tree belongs to. In 2002, the Malaysian Ministry of Primary Industries marketed it under the name “Malaysian Oak”.

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Is Malaysian wood expensive?

Malaysian Blackwood

When it is available, this wood is very expensive, comparable to Ebony in cost. This is a pure hardwood; Is is two times heavier than Malaysian Oak for example.

What type of wood makes the highest quality furniture?

Hardwoods are the best type of wood material for furniture. A product that is getting harder and harder to find, hardwood furniture has a combination of beauty and durability that cannot be matched by any softwood or engineered wood. While softwoods can be beautiful, they aren’t nearly as durable as hardwoods.

What is the strongest wood for furniture?

Maple is one of the hardest wood types for furniture. It’s often used for heavy-use items like dressers and dining sets, as it can take a beating. Maple is more affordable than other hardwoods. This, combined with its durability, makes it ideal for young families.

Which is better narra or mahogany?

Mahogany is the cheapest, while Narra is the most expensive of the three. … It also behaves better compared to Mahogany in terms of material ‘movement’ since it ‘moves’ less than Mahogany,” they explain.

Is rubber wood better than engineered wood?

The advantage of rubber wood is that it s a dense grain that is easily controlled in the kiln drying process. … Furthermore, rubber wood is touted over other types of wood because as it is essentially a recycled wood, it is more eco-friendly. MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard. It is an engineered wood product.

What is Malaysian hardwood?

Malaysian Hardwood is a tropical hardwood. It also goes by the common names of rubberwood, plantation hardwood or Malaysian Oak. The timber is a light blonde colour with a relatively straight, dense grain. Originally native to Brazil, it is now mostly grown in extensive rubberwood plantations throughout Southeast Asia.

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Is Malaysian rubberwood good for furniture?

Ideal for furniture

Processed rubberwood is very stable, with shrinkage and cracking kept to a minimum, making them great for furniture.

Why is rubberwood so cheap?

Since rubberwood is a agricultural by-product it has a low raw material cost, good woodworking properties and today it is one the cheapest solid wood furniture you will find. If we compare rubberwood with other timber from wood species that have a high raw material cost this makes it very costly competitive.

Is rubberwood better than MDF?

MDF is not solid wood. But it lasts far longer than you expect at a fraction of its price. Rubberwood is a light, low-cost, tropical hardwood timber. It is a medium-textured, moderately hard, straight-grained wood which is approximately the same density as ash and maple hardwood.

Is Malaysian rubberwood sustainable?

Rubberwood is a material that obtained from the tree named Hevea brasiliensis; it’s also known in the furniture industry as the rubber tree or Pará rubber tree. … Rubberwood is indeed a sustainable material as it makes use of plantation trees that have already been used once.

Is Malaysian oak sustainable?

Rubberwood is referred to as an ‘environmentally farmed timber’ but that moniker is strictly a made up marketing term. …

Is rubber wood better than plywood?

Rubber wood is strong; however, plywood is easily breakable. Rubber wood changes its structure when it gets dry, although plywood bends when used in the shape of large pieces.

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