What are the basic tenets of Filipino psychology?

How did Salazar define Filipino psychology?

Zeus Salazar (1985), a historian, formulated the four traditions upon which Philippine Psychology was rooted, and these are: … Psycho-medical Religious Psychology or Sikolohiyang Siko-medikal: The tradition that fuses native healing techniques and explains it in an indigenous religious context.

What is the principle emphasis of Filipino psychology?

○ SP ‘s principal emphasis in psychology is on identity and national consciousness, social awareness and involvement, psychology of language and culture, and applications and bases of Filipino psychology in health practices, agriculture, art, mass, media, religion.

What are the four Filiations of Sikolohiyang Pilipino?

On the one hand, it is said in the article that the line of Philippine psychological thought descended from four aspects namely: *sikolohiyang akadamiko- pilosopikal (Academic-philosophical psychology), sikolohiyang akadamiko-siyentipiko: *kanluraning tradisyon (Western tradition of academicscientific psychology, * …

Why is Filipino psychology important?

Virgilio G. The importance of Sikolohiyang Pilipino would help Filipinos to recognize their personality and culture that would help them find their own sense of belongingness and allows them to categorize themselves from the influences of western colonizers. …

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What Jose Enriquez says about the Filipino psychology?

According to Enriquez, Filipino psychology is the fruit of experience, ideas, and orientation of Filipinos. He also said that a Filipino can better understand himself and in turn, is able to improve his life more.

How do you define Filipino psychology?

Filipino psychology, or Sikolohiyang Pilipino, in Filipino, is defined as the psychology rooted on the experience, ideas, and cultural orientation of the Filipinos.

What are the common Filipino values?

Enumeration of Filipino values

  • Family orientation.
  • Joy and humor.
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.
  • Religious adherence.
  • Ability to survive.
  • Hard work and industriousness.
  • Hospitality.

Who is the father of Filipino psychology?

Virgilio Gaspar Enriquez was a Filipino psychologist, considered the father of sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino Psychology), who advanced indigenous psychology in the Philippines. Born in Bulacan on November 24, 1942, he was the youngest child of Arsenio Enriquez and Rosario Gaspar.

What are the weakness of the Filipino character?

Weaknesses of the Filipino Character 4/8 Lack of Discipline The Filipino’s lack of discipline encompasses several related characteristics. We have a casual and relaxed attitude towards time and space which manifests itself in lack of precision and compulsiveness, in poor time management and procrastination.

What are the core values of Sikolohiyang Pilipino?

He emphasized kapwa (”shared identity”) as core value; pakikiramdam (”shared inner perception”) as pivotal interpersonal value; and kagandahang-loob (”shared humanity”) as linking socio-personal value.

What is Kapwa and Pakikipagkapwa?

We are Kapwa People.” — Professor Virgilio Enriquez, founder of Sikolohiyang Pilipino. Pakikipagkapwa. It means connecting myself with others, feeling myself in the other and having a sense of shared identity and a shared inner self.

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What is kapwa model?

Enriquez ) In Filipino, kapwa is the unity of the “self” and “others”. Kapwa is recognition of shared identity, an inner self shared with others. The concept of kapwa as a shared inner self turns out to be very important, psychologically as well as philosophically.

What is Filipino behavior?

Filipinos tend to dress modestly, especially when in public. It is expected that the elderly and those of a higher social status are treated with respect. … Many Filipinos avoid blasphemy and cursing as it may cause themselves to lose face. Filipinos typically have a relaxed approach towards timekeeping and punctuality.

Why did the Filipino psychology start?

Psychology as an academic discipline in the Philippines started in the early 1900s when the U.S. colonized the country. … It was precisely his Western education that made Sikolohiyang Pilipino founder Virgilio Enriquez realize the need to have a psychology based on the experience, ideas, and orientation of the Filipinos.

What is the importance of Filipino language?

The Tagalog language is important because it is the basis of the Filipino language — a language used officially by Filipinos across the nation, regardless of province or island or whatsoever.

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