What does Gio mean in Vietnamese?

What is the meaning of Gio?

or gio (ˈdʒiːəʊ ) nounWord forms: plural geos or gios. (esp in Shetland) a small fjord or gully. Collins English Dictionary.

What does VL mean in Vietnamese?

Kiến Văn Nguyễn, knows Vietnamese. Answered May 18, 2021. “vl” is the word stands for “vãi lồn”. That’s only used for chatting online and very informal speech. You use it when you are suprised and you have to know that that using that word is swearing.

What does Het mean in Vietnamese?

Het – “there is no more”

What does Chang mean in Vietnamese?

5 years ago. mi chang The Vietnamese phrase for “white people”. Most commonly used with insults or teasing.

What is Gio nickname for?

Gio Origin and Meaning

The name Gio is a girl’s name meaning “God’s gracious gift”. Gio is a cute, more androgynous variation of Gia that could work well as a nickname for names such as GIovanna, Giordana, or Giorgia.

Is Gio a boy or girl name?

Gio is a boy’s name.

What does chant mean?

1 : to make melodic sounds with the voice especially : to sing a chant. 2 : to recite something in a monotonous repetitive tone protesters were chanting outside. transitive verb. 1 : to utter as in chanting. 2 : to celebrate or praise in song or chant.

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Is Chang a real last name?

“Chang” is a common Chinese surname in the United States, ranked 687th among all surnames during the 1990 census and 424th during the year 2000 census. … “Chang” is a common surname in Peru, where it was adopted by Cantonese immigrants as a variant spelling of Chen (陈 or 陳).

What does Chang Wang mean?

flourishing brisk (sales, trading)

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