What is a high salary in Bangkok?

Salary Levels (THB) per Year Surveys Earning Percent
High salaries
4,479,000 THB – 4,776,999 THB 6 2.95% 0.61%
4,777,000 THB – 5,075,999 THB 6 2.34% 0.61%
5,076,000 THB – 5,374,999 THB 3 1.73% 0.31%

Is 200000 baht a good salary?

My short answer is: 200,000 THB is a god damn well paid salary for you to enjoy your life in Thailand without the financial difficulty. This salary is considered below 1% from the entire Thai populations, considering you have a general idea about the cost of living in this country.

What is considered a good salary in Thailand?

A typical salary of 35000฿ is a comfortable wage for Thais where the average salary in Bangkok is 25000฿ a month but low compared to Western countries coming in at just over $1000 a month.

Is 50000 baht a lot?

50,000 Baht a Month – Many western teachers in Thailand say the 50,000 baht figure is enough money for a comfortable lifestyle with several monthly ‘luxury’ items thrown in. … 80,000 Baht a Month – Approximately $2,555, and you will be much closer to living in the lap of luxury.

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How much do I need to live comfortably in Bangkok?

So in total, the basic budget for living in Bangkok should be around 15,000 Baht ($455.85 USD) per month up. That being said it will be far from glamorous.

Is 1000 baht a lot?

Yes 1000 baht/day is a decent minimum budget, allowing you stay in single rooms (dorms/hostels are rare) or double/triple-up with fellow travellers, eat well (seek out what locals eat) and splash out for a couple beers.

Is 30000 baht enough to live?

It’s quite possible to live comfortable on 30,000 Baht per month. Don’t expect to create much in the way of saving, but do expect to have clean, modest accommodation, be able to eat well (sticking mainly to local food), and having a fairly active social life.

How can I get rich in Thailand?

How to make money in Thailand

  1. Teaching English (or something else) …
  2. Working online: being a Digital Nomad. …
  3. Exporting / selling things on eBay. …
  4. Trading stock or foreign currencies. …
  5. Call center jobs. …
  6. Running a bar, restaurant, guesthouse / resort. …
  7. Renting out property. …
  8. Setting up your own business.


Is 100 dollars a lot in Thailand?

In Thailand, USD $100 Can Get You:

10-15 meals from any number of Bangkok street food stalls. … 60-140 one-way trips on the Bangkok rail system (BTS/MRT); 2-3 one-way flights between Bangkok and Phuket.

How can I marry a girl in Thailand?

Requirements for Thai Nationals:

  1. Identification Cards of both parties.
  2. The House Registration Certificates of both parties.
  3. Person filing has previously registered marriage – If divorced, proof of divorce must be shown; in the event of spousal death (the applicant is a widow or widower) proof must accompany application.
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How do you know if a Thai girl likes you?

How to tell if your Thai girlfriend loves you

  • She wants you to meet her parents. …
  • She prefers to spend time with you. …
  • She doesn’t ask you for money. …
  • She talks about her long term plans. …
  • She isn’t constantly using her phone when you are together. …
  • She is content with what you’re able to provide her.


Is Thailand cheaper than UK?

Thailand is often referred to as being ‘dirt cheap’ for expats. Whilst this charming term may not seem particularly becoming, with rent, groceries and eating out over 60% cheaper than the UK, you can’t help but agree when considering the prices the Western world is used to.

What is the average Thai salary?

The average monthly income per household in Thailand was highest in the Bangkok , which amounted to almost 40 thousand Thai baht in 2019. In that year, the average monthly income of the whole kingdom of Thailand was around 26 thousand Thai baht.

Can you live on $1000 a month?

“With $1,000, you can live quite comfortably. You can get a decent one-bedroom or a studio apartment with $400 or less. This also includes expenses on utilities such as internet, heating, electricity etc.

What is the average rent in Bangkok?

Housing- Average Rents

That translates to approximately 154 to 308 dollars per month. Apartments that more closely resemble the western comforts start at about 15,000 baht, or 462 dollars per month.

Is Bangkok expensive to live in?

Summary about cost of living in Bangkok, Thailand: … A single person estimated monthly costs are 617$ (19,849฿) without rent. Bangkok is 48.74% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Bangkok is, on average, 74.65% lower than in New York.

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