What is Jakarta most known for?

Jakarta Pusat or central Jakarta is where you can find the iconic landmarks such as Monas, The Merdeka Palace, The National Museum, Istiqlal Mosque, The Jakarta Cathedral, and Monumen Selamat Datang or the welcome monument widely renowned as Bunderan HI.

Jakarta is known to have some of the best city nightlife in Asia, and there is a great party atmosphere here. As most tourists head to other islands and cities throughout Indonesia, there are hardly any foreigners, and you will find Jakartans are very friendly and welcoming.

What is it like for tourists What is there to see in Jakarta?

Top Attractions in Jakarta

  • Grand Indonesia Mall. 3,234. Shopping Malls. …
  • Istiqlal Mosque. 2,680. Religious Sites. …
  • Ancol Dreamland. 1,596. Amusement & Theme Parks • Water Parks. …
  • National Monument (MONAS) 4,144. …
  • Thousand Islands. 918. …
  • National Museum. 1,663. …
  • Museum Bank Indonesia. 1,079. …
  • Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park. 2,289.

Why do people travel to Jakarta?

The city is also known for its vibrant aura as it speaks the combined cultures of the country. Food – If you’re looking for a place with the best satay, sate, and nasi goreng, Jakarta is the best place to visit. There are various authentic dishes of almost all ethnicities residing in Indonesia.

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How would you describe Jakarta?

Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest of the island of Java. Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political centre and the most populous city not only in Indonesia but in Southeast Asia as a whole.

Is Jakarta dangerous?


When the overall risk is in question, Jakarta can be considered not so safe city. Tourists need to exercise a high degree of caution in Jakarta, and this is all due to the high threat of terrorist attack. Your security is at danger at all times, so you need to pay special attention.

Which is better Bali or Jakarta?

While Bali’s natural charms — beaches, waterfalls, mountains and more — are absolutely mesmerizing, Jakarta offers different but equally stunning scenery. The concrete jungle presents an energetic landscape that turns into a breath-taking skyline at night.

How can I spend my weekend in Jakarta?

For example, check out this list of things to do in Jakarta that will make your weekend extra special…

  1. Visit some furry pals at Ragunan Zoo. …
  2. Take Altantis Water Adventure. …
  3. Get that adrenaline pumping at Dunia Fantasi. …
  4. Take insta worthy pics at Kota Tua. …
  5. Educate yourself about Indonesia at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.


Are there beaches in Jakarta?

Jakarta is surrounded by a cluster of a thousand islands, and Bidadari Island has the best beaches around Jakarta. One can get to it by simply taking a 30-minute boat ride. The cottages facing the seaside are the perfect setting for a stress-free weekend away from the bustle of life.

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What Is Jakarta Good For?

6 Best Things to Do in Jakarta

  1. Enjoy the Best Bars with Beautiful Views. One of my favorite things about Jakarta is the nightlife. …
  2. Experience the Luxury Hotels. …
  3. Monas – The National Monument. …
  4. Visit the Thousand Islands. …
  5. Enjoy the nightlife. …
  6. Go to the malls.

Is there a travel ban in Indonesia?

​Updated on April 23, 2021 as per the COVID-19 Task Force Circular Letters Number 12 and 13 of April 07, 2021. Effective February 9, 2021, the Indonesian Government closed our borders for international travelers until further notice.

What’s unique about Jakarta?

A City with Many Skyscrapers

So, if t-mates want to explore Jakarta, you can see many skyscrapers along with the lovely scenery, especially during sunset. Interestingly, due to this vast amount of skyscrapers, Jakarta is also one of the cities with the highest number of tall buildings in the world.

How far is Bali from Jakarta?

How far is it from Jakarta to Bali? It is approximately 934 km to get from Jakarta to Bali.

What does Jakarta mean in English?

Jakarta in British English

(dʒəˈkɑːtə ) noun. the capital of Indonesia, in N West Java: founded in 1619 and ruled by the Dutch until 1945; the chief trading centre of the East in the 17th century; University of Indonesia (1947).

What language is spoken in Jakarta?

Largest languages in Indonesia

Language Number (millions) Main areas where spoken
Indonesian 210 throughout Indonesia
Javanese 84.3 throughout Java Island and several provinces in Sumatra and Kalimantan island.
Sundanese 42.0 West Java, Banten, Jakarta
Madurese 13.6 Madura Island (East Java)
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Is Jakarta rich?

It lies on the northwest coast of Java (the world’s most populous island). Jakarta is the centre of the economy, culture and politics of Indonesia.

– Total Rp 2,840.8 trillion (1st) $ 200.9 billion $ 660.3 billion (PPP)
– Per capita Rp 269,074 thousand (1st) $ 19,029 $ 55,184 (PPP)
– Growth 5.9%
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