What is the highest rank in Indonesian police?

Worn on: Higher Officer / General Officer (Pertiwa Tinggi / Pati)
Rank in English: Police General Police Brigadier General
Office or duty Chief of National Police director of national police general directorates, vice chief of regional police

Who is the current leader or head of police force in Indonesia?

Chief of the Indonesian National Police

Chief of the Indonesian National Police Kapolri
Incumbent Listyo Sigit Prabowo since 27 January 2021
Style Kapolri
Member of Advanced Indonesia Cabinet (Kabinet Indonesia Maju)
Reports to President of Indonesia

How many police are there in Indonesia?

4 Indonesia’s population is close to 200 million and there is a police force of 170,000.

What is Pulis Indonesia?

The Indonesian National Police (Indonesian: Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia) is the official police force for Indonesia. … The Headquarter, known as Markas Besar/Mabes in Indonesian, is located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

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What is the retirement age of Indonesian police?

(2) Maximum retired age for members of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia shall be 58 (fifty eight) years old and for members that have special expertise and are required in performing functions of police shall keep working until reaching the age of 60 (sixty) years old.

What ranks do Indonesian police adopt?

Rank structure

In the early years, the Indonesian Police used European police style ranks like “inspector” and “commissioner”. When the police were amalgamated with the military structure during the 1960s, the ranks changed to a military style such as “Captain”, “Major” and “Colonel”.

What do we call the police in Malaysia?

The Royal Malaysia Police (often abbreviated RMP) (Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)), is a (primarily) uniformed national and federal police force in Malaysia. The force is a centralised organisation. Its headquarters are located at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

Which police force is most seen in the community of Indonesia?

The Indonesian National Police (POLRI) is the main agency responsible for maintaining security and public order, law enforcement, and provide protection and service to the community in Indonesia.

What is the name of police in Sweden Turkey?

Swedish Police Authority

Swedish Police Authority Polismyndigheten
International logotype for the Swedish Police
Common name Swedish Police (Polisen)
Agency overview
Formed 1 January, 2015

Where is the national headquarter of Police in Malaysia located?


It’s headquarters is located at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

What language is Polisi for police?

English police
Swahili polisi
Swedish polis
Swiss German Polizei
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How many police are in Singapore?

Singapore Police Force

show Singapore Police Force
Operational structure
Headquarters 28 Irrawaddy Road, New Phoenix Park, Singapore 329560
Regular officers 9,636 (As of 31 March 2019)
Civilian officers 1,627 (As of 31 March 2019)

What is the retirement age of police officers in United States of America?

The age of the officers at retirement ranged from 45 to 73, with the average being 55 years old. They had served on the force for an average of 26.4 years. Findings indicate that more than 89 percent remain alive.

How many police forces does China have?

Law enforcement in China

There are two million police officers in China.

How many police does Hong Kong have?

As at April 30, 2020, the Force has a strength of 28 818, of which 17.8 per cent are female officers. It also has 4 289 civilian staff. The Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force (HKAPF) was originally formed in 1914 as a reserve to assist in times of natural disaster or civil emergency.

How do I contact the police in Indonesia?

Who to call and what to say in the event of an emergency in Indonesia…

Police – General Emergencies Tel: 110 / 112 (SMS 1717)
Ambulance and Rescue Tel: 118
Fire Tel: 113
Medical Emergencies Tel: 119
Tourist Police (Bali) Tel: (0361) 754 599 / (0361) 224 111
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