What is the zip code for Metro Manila in Philippines?

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Malate 1004 2
Manila CPO – Ermita 1000 2
Paco 1007 2
Pandacan 1011 2

What is the 5 digit zip code of the Philippines?

There is no 5-digit ZIP Code in the Philippines. However, the United States uses a 5-digit ZIP Code with the first number representing the states or region, the next two numbers representing the city, and the last two numbers representing the specific delivery area.

What is a ZIP code in Philippines?

Philippines – postal codes

Place Country
26 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2500 to 2599 Philippines
27 Manila CPO-PO Box# 2600 to 2699 Philippines

What is Tondo zip code?

Tondo ZIP Code

Municipality ZIP Code
Tondo 1012

Where can I write my zip code in Philippines?

ZIP code should be placed on the left-hand side of the last line of the address.

What is the zip code of Baguio City Philippines?

Benguet ZIP Code

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Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Baguio City 2600 74
Bakun 2610 74
Bokod 2605 74
Bugias 2607 74

Which country zip code is 23401?

23401 is the zip code for Lagos State in Nigeria.

What is the zip code in Cebu Philippines?

Cebu ZIP Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Cebu City 6000 32
Compostela 6003 32
Consolacion 6001 32
Cordova 6017 32

What is my area code Philippines?

63 – dialing code to call the Philippines from the USA. Area Code – a 3 digit number.

What is the code of Manila?


City Dial Codes
Manila +63-2
Masbate +63-56
Mobile Phones +63-9
Naga City +63-5421

Is ZIP code and postal code the same?

ANSWER: The two codes are essentially the same in their purpose, but the term Zip code is mainly used in the USA; Postal Code is commonly used in other countries.

What is zip code of Quezon City?

Кесон-Сити/Почтовые индексы

What is the zip code in Sampaloc Manila?


What is zip code example?

An example of a PO Box-only ZIP Code is 22313, which is used for PO Boxes at the main post office in Alexandria, Virginia, such as those used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. … For example, the ZIP Code 43210 in Columbus, Ohio is listed as a Standard-type ZIP Code.

What is City Address Philippines?

Philippine addresses always contain the name of the sender, the building number and thoroughfare, the barangay where the building is located, the city or municipality where the barangay is located and, in most cases, the province where the city or municipality is located.

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What is zip code of Marikina City?


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