What is Yangon Myanmar postal code?

Yangon (Main Post Office) Yangon 11181
Yangon Station Mingalar Taung Nyunt 11222
Yankin Yankin 11081

What is Insein postcode?

Insein Township

Insein Township အင်းစိန်မြို့နယ်
Time zone UTC6:30 (MMT)
Postal codes 11011, 11012, 11013
Area code(s) 1 (mobile: 80, 99)

How will I know my postal code?

USPS.com. To find a zip code with USPS.com, you need to fill in the fields with your USA street address, city, and state. Then click Find and you’ll get your postal code.

How do you write a Myanmar address?

Address format The Myanmar administration recommends the following: – line 1: name; – line 2: house number and street name; – line 3: name of delivery office; – line 4: town, postcode; – line 5: country.

What is zip or postal card?

India Zip Codes – India Postal Codes / PIN Codes

Postal Index Number (PIN) or PIN Code is a 6 digit code of Post Office numbering used by India Post. Indian Postal Service introduced the 6 Digit Zip code or PIN Code on 15th August 1972, inorder to make the process of delivering letters and parcels more efficient.

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Is ZIP code and postal code the same?

ANSWER: The two codes are essentially the same in their purpose, but the term Zip code is mainly used in the USA; Postal Code is commonly used in other countries.

What is Apple ID postcode?

Answer: A: Your postcode is linked to your billing address, so you get it from your address. If you are being prompted to enter it and if you don’t think that you have postcodes where you live contact iTunes Support : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww.

What is postal code and example?

A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

What is postal code of Valenzuela City?


What is zip code in India?

Also known as Zip code or area postal code, Pin code is the post office numbering code system used by the postal service of India, India Post. The PIN was first introduced in India on August 15, 1972. It is a 6 digits long code with each of the digits denoting a particular meaning.

How do you address someone in Myanmar?

To address children, use “Maung” for a boy and “Ma” for a girl. You should also be able to use proper pronouns when talking to Myanmar people. When talking with an elderly person, call him “Oo” or “Oo Lay”, which laterally mean Uncle. To call an elderly, use “A Ba” or if he is too old, use “A Phoe”, meaning grandpa.

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What is the language in Myanmar?


How do you say brother in Myanmar?

Let’s learn to speak Burmese from the basics of addressing each other.

If you are not familiar with the name, you can just use as follows:

  1. U/U Lay/Ba Gyi – uncle.
  2. Aunty/Daw Daw/Daw Gyi – aunt.
  3. A Ko/A Ko Gyi – big brother.
  4. Maung Lay – younger brother.
  5. A Ma Gyi/A Ma/Ma Ma – older sister.
  6. Nyi Ma Lay – younger sister.


Where is zip code on debit card?

Debit card or credit card zip code is 5 digit number mention on your bank statement after your address.

Where is the zip code on a Visa card?

The address that you gave to the bank or credit union for your account contains the ZIP code of your card. For example, if you receive mail at 1234 Main Street in Anywhere MN 56789, and that’s the address that the bank has for the account, then the card’s ZIP code is 56789.

Where is the postal code on a Mastercard?

A credit card postal code is the ZIP code associated with a credit card’s billing address. That’s the address you provided on your application, unless you’ve since moved and updated your information. And it’s where you receive your statement every month, if you haven’t gone paperless.

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