Where can I Staycate in Metro Manila?

Is staycation allowed in Metro Manila?

MANILA – The full operation of staycation hotels is now allowed amid the prevailing coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, Malacañang said on Friday. … Roque said staycation hotels may also forego the Covid-19 testing of guests as a prerequisite for accommodation, so long as their guests are aged 18 to 65.

Are resorts allowed to open in Gcq 2021?

Starting June 1, resorts in areas under a general community quarantine (GCQ) are allowed to operate at 30 percent capacity following the approval by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

Are hotels open for staycation?

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has announced on Friday, 10 June 2021 that hotels are still permitted to providing accommodation to guests for the purpose of leisure, aka Staycations. … TLDR: Yes, staycations are still allowed, but with restrictions to the usage of certain hotel facilities and dining options.

Is staycation allowed on Gcq?

The IATF for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID), through Resolution 117, approved the DOT’s request to allow its accredited AEs in GCQ areas to accept leisure guests. … She reiterated that isolation or quarantine hotels are not allowed to accommodate leisure or staycation guests.

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Is staycation allowed in NCR plus?

The Philippine government started opening up tourism destinations when coronavirus cases eased in 2020. When cases spiked again, leisure travel was allowed only in MGCQ areas. During the “stricter” GCQ in “NCR Plus” in May, the government began to allow staycations.

Is Airbnb allowed in Manila?

The Inter-Agency Task Force earlier approved the DOT’s recommendation to allow staycations in Metro Manila. But Bengzon said short-term stays in condominiums and resorts booked under platforms like Airbnb are still prohibited.

Is dine in allowed in Gcq 2021?

IS DINING ALLOWED UNDER GCQ? Restaurants are allowed to provide indoor dine-in services at 20 per cent venue or seating capacity. Outdoor dining or alfresco is also allowed at 50 per cent capacity.

Are hotels allowed to open under MECQ?

Hotels in areas under modified enhanced community quarantine or MECQ can operate on a skeleton workforce to accept guests for essential reasons, according to omnibus guidelines from the Department of Trade and Industry. Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan were placed under MECQ until April 30.

Is swimming allowed in Gcq?

Indoor non-contact sports courts or venues, fitness studios, gyms, spas, or other indoor leisure centers or facilities, and swimming pools. Indoor visitor or tourist attractions, libraries, archives, museums, galleries, and cultural shows and exhibits.

What is Staycation approved?

1. What does it mean when a hotel is staycation approved? Hotels that wished to provide accommodation to guests for the purposes of leisure needed to apply to Singapore Tourism Board (STB) before they could start accepting leisure bookings.

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What does SG clean hotel mean?

“What makes a hotel SG Clean certified are the extra precautionary steps: ensure general well-being of anyone entering the hotel premises by temperature screening; increase frequency of disinfecting the common areas and guest rooms [now hourly, from every four hours previously]; documenting and recording all preventive …

What do you do at a hotel staycation?

What do you do at a hotel staycation?

  • Book a massage or treatment at the spa. …
  • Treat yourself to a dinner in the expensive hotel restaurant. …
  • Try your hotel’s room service. …
  • Have a day out by the pool. …
  • And order a fruity drink perhaps with an umbrella in it. …
  • Enjoy the view from your balcony. …
  • Curl up with a good book. …
  • Take a nap.


What is Staycation mean?

A staycation is a play on the word “vacation” and means spending time off in or near your own home, rather than traveling to another location.

What is the difference between Ecq and Gcq?

Who can go out? Modified ECQ: People will be allowed to leave their homes only to obtain essential goods and go to work in industries allowed to resume by the government. GCQ: People will be allowed to move around for work and essential services in barangays without coronavirus cases.

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