Which river is a river of Myanmar Burma and India?

Physiography. The Irrawaddy River bisects Myanmar from north to south and empties through the nine-armed Irrawaddy Delta into the Indian Ocean.

How many rivers are there in Myanmar?

Myanmar with four main rivers. Myanmar, a golden land, is rich in natural resources.

How long is the Ayeyarwady River?

1 422 мили

Where does the Irrawaddy River start?


Which river tributary is Irrawaddy?

Chindwin River, main tributary of the Irrawaddy River, northern Myanmar (Burma). The Chindwin is formed in the Pātkai and Kumon ranges of the Indo-Myanmar border by a network of headstreams including the Tanai, Tawan, and Taron.

What are the names of two rivers found in Myanmar?

Longest Rivers In Myanmar (Burma)

Rank Longest Rivers in Myanmar (Burma) Total Length
1 Mekong 2,703 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
2 Salween 1,491 miles (shared with Thailand and China)
3 Irrawaddy 1,348 miles
4 Chindwin 750 miles

Which is the longest river of Sri Lanka?

Mahaweli Ganga, (Sinhalese: “Great Sandy River”), river, central and eastern Sri Lanka. At 208 mi (335 km) in length, it is Sri Lanka’s longest river.

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Which river is the longest in SE Asia?

The Mekong River is the longest river in Southeast Asia. The river has a length of approximately 4,900 km, flowing from its source on the Tibetan Plateau in China through Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam via a large delta into the sea.

What is the biggest river in Burma?

Irrawaddy River, Burmese Ayeyarwady, principal river of Myanmar (formerly Burma), running through the centre of the country. Myanmar’s most important commercial waterway, it is about 1,350 miles (2,170 km) long.

Which is the largest river of Myanmar?

Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy River ဧရာဝတီမြစ်
Country Myanmar
Cities Myitkyina, Mandalay, Bhamo
Physical characteristics
Source Ridong Qu headwaters, southeast Tibet, China: The geographical source.

What is the staple food of Myanmar?

Myanmar is an agrarian country with rice as the principal crop. Rice is the staple food except among those in highland areas where rice is difficult to grow. In those areas, rice, millet, sorghum, and corn are staples.

Who controls the Irrawaddy River?

It is a totalitarian state controlled by a group of ruling generals who in 1989 changed the name of the former British colony from Burma to Myanmar, a version of its precolonial name. In 1990, Suu Kyi’s National League of Democracy (NLD) won more than 80 percent of the seats in national elections.

Which river is known as Iravati?

According to ancient history traced to Vedas, the Ravi River was known as Iravati (also spelt Eeravati; Sanskrit: इरावती, परुष्णि) The Ravi was known as Purushni or Iravati to Indians in Vedic times and as Hydraotes (Ancient Greek: ‘ϒδραωτης) to the Ancient Greeks.

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What is the capital of Myanmar?


Where is Burma country?

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is in South East Asia. It neighbours Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, China and India. It has a population of about 54 million, most of whom are Burmese speakers, although other languages are also spoken.

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