Who does Vietnam trade with the most?

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
United States 61,404 23.21
China 41,434 15.66
Japan 20,427 7.72
Korea, Rep. 19,729 7.46

What Vietnam imports the most?

Top 10

  • Electrical machinery, equipment: US$77.8 billion (29.5% of total imports)
  • Machinery including computers: $26.8 billion (10.2%)
  • Plastics, plastic articles: $14.6 billion (5.5%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $11.2 billion (4.2%)
  • Iron, steel: $10.5 billion (4%)


What does Vietnam export the most?

Vietnam has emerged as an important electronics exporter, with electrical and electronic products overtaking coffee, textiles, and rice to become the country’s top export item. Samsung is Vietnam’s largest exporter and has helped the country achieve a trade surplus for the first time in many years.

What are the top 3 exports of Vietnam?

U.S. goods exports to Vietnam in 2019 were $10.9 billion, up 12.2% ($1.2 billion) from 2018 and up 250.7% from 2009. The top export categories (2-digit HS) in 2019 were: electrical machinery ($1.7 billion), cotton ($1.5 billion), aircraft ($787 million), plastics ($772 million), and machinery ($476 million).

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What countries does Vietnam export to?

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Vietnam Exports By Country Value Year
United States $61.40B 2019
China $41.43B 2019
Japan $20.43B 2019
South Korea $19.73B 2019

What are the top 5 items that Vietnam import?

So, let’s just have a detailed analysis of 5 Vietnam main imports under 2-digit level HS Code.

  • Electrical Machinery & Equipment. …
  • Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc. …
  • Plastics. …
  • Iron and Steel. …
  • Mineral Fuels & Oils. …
  • 10 Largest Import Partners of Vietnam.


Is Vietnam a poor country?

Vietnam is now defined as a lower middle income country by the World Bank. Of the total Vietnamese population of 88 million people (2010), 13 million people still live in poverty and many others remain near poor. Poverty reduction is slowing down and inequality increasing with persistent deep pockets of poverty.

What is the biggest industry in Vietnam?

The Biggest Industries In Vietnam

  • Electronics. Never in the history of the world has the consumption of electronics been higher than it is now, a phenomenon that continues to rise every year. …
  • Construction. …
  • Mining Industry. …
  • Services and Tourism.


Is made in Vietnam good?

Vietnam is an excellent place to source products, assuming that your product can be made here. … If your product is made in Vietnam, it will likely be cheaper or of a higher quality than the same product from China. Many people are finding that products can be cheaper AND better in Vietnam.

What can I export to Vietnam?

Vietnam has signed Free Trade Agreements with numerous countries which will inevitably boost growth, imports, and exports.

Vietnam Foodexpo

  • Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Seafood.
  • Drinks.
  • Tea and Coffee.
  • Food Ingredients.
  • Fine Food.
  • Food Technology.
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What’s the major religion in Vietnam?

The government census of 2019 shows that Catholicism, for the first time, is the largest religious denomination in Vietnam, surpassing Buddhism. Ecclesiastical sources report there are about 7 million Catholics, representing 7.0% of the total population.

What is Vietnam main source of income?

The majority of Vietnam’s export revenues are generated by crude petroleum, garments, footwear, and seafood, and electronic products are of growing importance.

What is Vietnam famous for?

Vietnam is known for being a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, it’s culture, amazing food (like pho), and friendly people. Vietnam is also famous for the Vietnam War, motorbikes (86% of households have one), Vietnamese coffee, floating markets and rice terraces.

What is the minimum wage in Vietnam?

In 2020, the National Wage Council had increased the monthly minimum wage in Vietnam, reaching 4.42 million Vietnamese dong for Region I. As of fourth quarter 2018, the average monthly salary for paid workers and employees was at 5.88 million Vietnamese dong.

Does Vietnam get cold?

Hanoi and North Vietnam has a distinct winter and summer season. The cool but mostly dry winter lasts from November to April when temperatures average 17-22°C with the coldest months being January – March. Summer lasts from May to October when it is hot and humid and the region experiences its highest rainfall.

How can I start export business in Vietnam?

Import and export licensing procedures

Vietnam does not require a company to have an import or export license to set up a trading company. However, to be able to conduct import or export business, a foreign investor must register with the Department of Planning and Investment (DPI).

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