Could you tell me about eating customs of Myanmar?

A traditional Myanmar meal includes a bowl of soup, rice, several meat curries, and ngapi yay with tozaya (vegetables for dipping). A traditional meal is served with rice and tea. Breakfast is generally eaten between 6:30am and 7:30am and often consists of rice or soup.

What is the tradition way of eating in Myanmar?

The Burmese traditionally eat with their right hand, forming the rice into a small ball with only the fingertips and mixing this with various morsels before popping it into their mouths. Chopsticks and Chinese-style spoons are used for noodle dishes, although noodle salads are more likely to be eaten with just a spoon.

What eating habits in Myanmar are healthy?

Actually, Myanmar’s traditional meal consists of food that promotes health. It includes rice with carbohydrates, fried vegetables, meat soup, fish dish, ngapi yay and tote saya. For those finding it hard to buy enough meat, it could be easily replaced with a variety of beans, she said.

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What do the people of Myanmar eat?

Rice is the main food. Burmese also like to eat dumplings, pies, scones, and siu mai. Non-staple foods include chicken, fish, shrimp, duck, eggs and various vegetables. Condiments of Myanmar include ketchup, shrimp soy sauce, chili oil, chili sauce and curry powder.

Top 10 Myanmar Food

  • Tea leaf salad. This is the most popular Myanmar food. …
  • Shan-style rice. Known as fish rice, this Shan dish is among the most typical Myanmar food. …
  • Curry. …
  • Tea shop meal. …
  • Sweet snacks. …
  • Deep-fried stuff. …
  • Shan-style ‘tofu’ noodles. …
  • Nangyi thoke.


Can I wear shorts in Myanmar?

Although tourism in Myanmar is not very developed yet, locals are used to foreign people and different clothing styles. … You should avoid wearing shorts in Myanmar or any short skirts. Even though most probably nobody will say anything, it is a sign of disrespect to the local culture.

Which is the national fruit of Myanmar?

The Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is the Official “National fruit of Myanmar” respectively.

What is the traditional clothing in Myanmar?

The most widely recognized Burmese national costume is the longyi, which is worn by both males and females nationwide. Burmese clothing also features great diversity in terms of textiles, weaves, fibers, colours and materials, including velvet, silk, lace, muslin, and cotton.

What is the major religion in Myanmar?

Most of the Burmese population identify as Buddhist (87.9%). However, there are also significant minorities of Christians (6.2%) and Muslims (4.3%), as well as some Animists (0.8%) and Hindus (0.5%). Generally speaking, one’s religious identity is related to ethnic origins.

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What is the culture of Myanmar?

Myanmar is a predominantly Theravada Buddhist country. Buddhism reached Burma around the beginning of the Christian era, mingling with Hinduism (also imported from India) and indigenous animism. The Pyu and Mon kingdoms of the first millennium were Buddhist, but the early Bamar peoples were animists.

What is Myanmar famous for?

Myanmar, the official name of the Southeast Asian nation commonly known as Burma is a must-visit destination for travelers who like beaches and Buddha. This beautiful country is dotted with thousands of Buddhist temples. Besides, it has serene white beaches along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

What is staple food in Myanmar?

Myanmar is an agrarian country with rice as the principal crop. Rice is the staple food except among those in highland areas where rice is difficult to grow. In those areas, rice, millet, sorghum, and corn are staples.

Is Myanmar food spicy?

The dishes consist of largely plant or seafood based ingredients and most of its flavours are subtle with a balance of sour, salty, bitter and spicy, all in one go. A key attraction of Burmese food is its extensive use of fish products such as fish sauce and ngapi (a paste which is made using either fish or shrimps).

Is English spoken in Burma?

Myanmar English is the register of the English language used in Myanmar, spoken as first or second language by an estimated 2.4 million people, about 5% of the population (1997).

What is the best food in Yangon?

The 9 Best Restaurants in Yangon, Myanmar

  • Rangoon Tea House. Bar, Restaurant, Tea Room, Tea , Asian, Vegetarian, $$$ …
  • Sharky’s. Bistro, Restaurant, Steakhouse, Italian, $$$ …
  • 999 Shan Noodle Shop. Restaurant, Vegetarian, Vegan, $$$ …
  • Green Gallery. Restaurant, Thai, $$$ …
  • Pansuriya. …
  • 50th Street Bar and Grill. …
  • Feel Myanmar Food. …
  • Root.
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What is the language of Myanmar?


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