Do people ride motorcycles in Singapore?

They’re narrow and teeming with fast-paced traffic. That’s why riding motorcycle in Singapore comes with plenty of dos and don’ts. So, stay tuned – we’ve got your back!

Can you ride a motorcycle in Singapore?

In Singapore, you’ll need to have a COE, or Certificate of Entitlement before hitting the road in your new car or motorbike. The COE entitles you to the right to register, own and use a vehicle in Singapore for the duration of 10 years. Before you buy a car or motorbike, you’ll need to obtain a COE first.

How dangerous is it to ride a motorcycle in Singapore?

This one’s not a myth: riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous. 2019 statistics indicate that motorcycle and pillion riders account for 1 in 2 of all road fatalities in Singapore.

Where can I ride a motorcycle in Singapore?

5 Places For A Quiet Ride In Singapore

  • Changi Coast Road to Tanah Merah Coast Road. Image: National Parks Board Singapore. …
  • Thomson Road to Upper Thomson Road. Image: Wikipedia. …
  • Mandai Road. Image: National Parks Board Singapore. …
  • Tuas South Road. Image: Wikipedia. …
  • East Coast Parkway (towards Changi Airport) Image: Unsplash.
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Are motorcycles expensive in Singapore?

While owning a motorcycle in Singapore is cheaper than owning a car, it is still a significant financial commitment.

Total Cost Of KTM RC390 Over A 10-Year Period.

Type of Cost Cost
Cost of Motorcycle $20,000
Interest Cost $1,800
Road Tax $630
Motorcycle Insurance $4,000

Can I buy motorcycle without license Singapore?

It is legal and possible to buy a motorcycle without a motorcycle license.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Singapore?


Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage NTUC Income Etiqa Insurance
Price $1820.75 $1758.65
Excess NA $800 excess
Covers death or bodily injury to third party Unlimited coverage
Damage to third party property Claim up to S$500,000

There is no law prohibiting lane splitting in Singapore. Count your blessings, motorcyclists – California is currently the only state in the United States legalizing lane splitting.

Why are motorcycles not allowed in Sentosa?

Sentosa’s longstanding policy of not allowing guests to ride their motorcycles on the island is centred on safety. Sentosa’s roads are relatively narrow and winding and flanked by trees. They are also often single lane in each direction and this creates blind spots for drivers.

Is riding a motorcycle dangerous?

Riding motorcycles is dangerous. Motorcyclists account for 14% of all crash-related fatalities, even though they are only 3% of the vehicles on the road. Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely than passenger-vehicle occupants to die in a car crash. More than 80% of these type of crashes result in an injury or death.

How much is motorcycle tax in Singapore?

Stage 2: Ownership & maintenance costs of cars vs motorcycles in Singapore

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Ownership & maintenance Car Motorcycle
Road tax $686 yearly From $62.56 yearly ($31.28 every 6 months)
Servicing From $200+ From $20 to $150+
Total ~$80,000 (one-time) + $886 yearly ~$15,000 (one-time) + $147.56 yearly

What’s the best motorcycle brand?

Best Motorcycle Brands In The World

  • Yamaha.
  • Ducati.
  • Honda.
  • Royal Enfield.
  • Kawasaki.
  • BMW.
  • Harley Davidson.
  • Suzuki.


How much is a cheap motorcycle?

In a very general sense, you can expect a decent used motorcycle values to be anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000. Some suitable options are even available for a lot cheaper if you grab them at the right time of year and from a more affordable region.

Is owning a motorcycle worth it?

The cost of owning a motorcycle may be less than the cost of owning a car, but when it comes to protection from serious injury or death, a car is the definite winner between the two. … In 2006, there were 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents.

How much should a beginner spend on a motorcycle?

The Real Cost of Ownership

Motorcycle prices can vary wildly, but on average, if you’re buying a new motorcycle fit for a beginner, you’re probably spending anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000.

How much is the road tax for motorcycles?

It costs from just five pence a day to tax your motorcycle. Even the most expensive bikes only cost 24p per day. Road tax was introduced as a way of paying for the building of roads and their upkeep. These days it has become more of a general tax, but the majority of roads spending is still funded by VED.

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