How can I change my international driving Licence to Singapore?

To convert your foreign licence to a Singapore driving licence, you must pass the Singapore BTT. Overseas theory test results are not admissible for consideration. You will need create an account with any of the three driving centres below before you can book your BTT. Bookings can be done in person or online.

Can you drive in Singapore with a foreign license?

Tourists or temporary visitors to Singapore can drive using a valid foreign licence and an International Driving Permit (IDP), issued by the authorities in your home country. … If you come from one of the ASEAN states (Association of South-East Asian Nations), you can drive in Singapore without an international permit.

How much does it cost to change your license in Singapore?

Apply for Conversion at Traffic Police Department

Original and a photocopy of your valid Qualified Foreign Driving Licence. Processing fee of S$50.00 (Cashcard and NETS payment Only) One matt finish passport-size colour photograph with white background.

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How can I change my driving license in Singapore?

Foreigners who wish to replace their existing valid Singapore driving licence but are not eligible to apply for Singpass (e.g. work permit holders and student pass holders), you are required to apply for QDL online via this e-Service using your FIN number, Date of Birth and card serial number for log in.

How can a foreigner get a driver’s license in Singapore?

Yes, foreigners can get a driving license in Singapore. If it’s your first time to get a driving license, you can apply for a new one through the Traffic Police Test Centre. If you already have an existing driving license from your home country, you can convert it to a Singapore driving license.

Do I need international driver’s license in Singapore?

For you to drive as a tourist or a temporary visitor in Singapore, you must have both a valid foreign driving licence and an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Singapore. For visitors from ASEAN countries, the requirements are even more simplified, allowing you to drive without an international permit.

Can I use US driver license in Singapore?

Yes you can, with caveats. Singapore law allows for foreigners to drive for up to 12 months from the date of entry to Singapore. After that, the foreigner would have to convert the license to a Singapore driving license.

Is BTT permanent?

The Basic Theory Test (BTT) result is valid for life while the Riding Theory Test (RTT) result is only valid for a year from the date you pass. You have to re-take your theory test again when it expires.

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How much does a license cost in Singapore?

Getting a Driver’s License in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?

Driving School Private Driving Instructor
Practical Driving Test $33 $33
Practical Test Car Rental $195.81 to $231.12 $195.81 to $231.12
Driver’s License Fee $50 $50
ESTIMATED TOTAL $1,860 to $2,400 $1,340 to $1,790

How fast can you get a driving license in Singapore?

Usually, when it comes to getting a license, the process takes 3-6 months from start to finish. The bulk of the time will be spent waiting, for your Basic Theory Test(BTT), then for your Final Theory Test(FTT) and then your Traffic Police(TP) Test.

Where can I get my driving license in Singapore?

Where Can I Apply For My Driving License?

  • Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
  • ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)
  • Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL)

How many types of driving license are there in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are 11 classes of driving license which may be obtained. These classes are 1, 2B, 2A, 2, 3, 3A, 3C, 3CA, 4A, 4, and 5. Class 1 licenses are for invalid carriages and can only be obtained by those who have physical disabilities.

Do I need to carry my driving Licence in Singapore?

Law Awareness Week 2020

Drivers in Singapore will no longer be issued a physical driving licence unless they request one. This update, alongside a range of other amendments to the Road Traffic Act, was passed in Parliament on Monday (July 8).

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