How do I get from China to Thailand?

Air shipping from China to Thailand is the quickest way to satisfy those demanding customers of yours in Thailand. A freight forwarder can get your freight to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport in four days from Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Chengdu, or eight days from Wuhan, Guangzhou or Beijing.

How do I ship from China to Thailand?

The best logistics option for importing from China to Thailand is shipping by sea ,you can ship by FCL or LCL, The average voyage from China’s main port to the main port of Thailand is 9 days, very fast, compared to other routes.

Can you take a train from China to Thailand?

China – Thailand Railway, or Sino – Thai Railway hasn’t been opened yet. The construction began in December, 2017. About 4 years are needed to complete this high speed rail project, by when it will run through three countries including China, Laos and Thailand. It will serve trains running between Kunming and Bangkok.

Can I fly from China to Thailand?

The new visas allow tourists from “low-risk” countries to enter Thailand for long stays of up to 270 days. The government said there are two special tourist visa flights scheduled from China, on Oct. 20 to Bangkok and Oct. 26 to Phuket, with another group from Scandinavia on Nov.

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How much are flights from China to Thailand?

Cheap flights from Beijing (BJS) to popular destinations in Thailand (TH)

Carrier Departure Date Lowest Price
Thai Jul 15, 2021 $2856
China Eastern Jul 15, 2021 $3047
China Southern Jan 22, 2022 $1706
Aeroflot Jan 22, 2022 $2475

How long does it take to ship from China to Thailand?

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From China to Thailand? Shipping by air freight from China to Thailand takes between four and eight days, depending on your choice of departure airport and the size and nature of your shipment.

How is import duty calculated in Thailand?

Also, consumer goods imported into Thailand are subject to other taxes and fees, as listed below: – Import duty: 20-60% of CIF (cost, insurance and freight); … – Interior tax: 10% of excise tax; and VAT: 7% of CIF.

How much is a train ticket in Thailand?

Type of Train :

Train Type Distance km Fee in Baht
Rapid Train 51 – 150 30
Rapid Train 151 – 300 50
Rapid Train Over 301 km 110
Express Train Any 150

How do I buy a train ticket in Thailand?

A good way to book your train tickets online in Thailand is to use 12go. From this agent you can buy your tickets online, then pick them up from their office at Hua Lamphong Railway Station, a minimum of 60 minutes before the departure time.

Are China and Thailand friends?

China–Thailand relations officially started in November 1975 after years of negotiations. … China remains as an important ally to Thailand, partly because of its influence and prominence in the region.

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They are both tonal languages, but they are not in the same language family. And they use different writing systems. Thai belongs to the Tai-Kadai language family. Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family.

How do I get a long stay visa in Thailand?

To obtain a Thai retirement Visa, the applicant must obtain an initial visa called Non-immigrant O visa. It is valid for 90 days and it can be issued by the Thai consulate or embassy from the country of residence or it can be issued in Thailand.

Where do I get a visa for Thailand?

Tourist Visas

If an individual wishes to remain in Thailand for more than 30 days, he/she may wish to obtain a tourist visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the United States, prior to arriving in Thailand.

How far is China from Thailand?

The distance between Thailand and China is 2274 km.

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