Is Doctor Jose Rizal an ideal role model for the Filipino youth?

Answer: Yes, he is an ideal model for the youth because he is brave. He fights for our freedom in his own way and he has a good heart. Rizal serves as an exemplar of Filipino heroism, in fostering a sense of nationalism especially to the youth.

Why Dr Jose Rizal an ideal role model for the Filipino youth?

His sensitivity to the needs of others was overwhelming as evidenced by his sincere services to the people as doctor, engineer, teacher, artist, farmer and the like. He fought through his pen, books and knowledge and that is the reason why Dr. Jose Rizal should be the role model of the Filipino youth today.

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Is Dr Jose Rizal an ideal role model for the Filipino youth Do you believe that he is a fully functioning person explain your answers?

Yes, because if we have good character or a good values we have a good personality in our communityIs Dr Jose Rizal is an Ideal role model for the filipino youth? Yes, Dr. Jose Rizalis an ideal role model for the Filipino youth today. He is a role model for his values that he held.

Why is Jose Rizal important to the Philippines?

José Rizal (1861-1896) is one of the most revered figures in Philippine history. He was a multifaceted intellectual and a political activist, best known for his political writings that inspired the Philippine revolution and ultimately led to his execution by the Spanish colonizers.

What message does Rizal give the Filipino youth in the poem?

Rizal: The poem “To the Filipino Youth” by Dr. Jose Rizal is a message primarily to tell the importance of one’s love and appreciation to his dialect or language, for it is the bridge and intermediary connecting people’s country to each other. In the poem, Rizal praised the rising generation.

How can Filipino benefit from Rizal ideals Brainly?

Answer: They can benefit by actually looking at what Rizal, as an individual, accomplished. He rose up against the oppressive Spanish government by empowering the minds of Filipinos. He also believed in ideas rather than force influencing people.

What were Rizals greatest and weakest attributes?

In your point of view, what were Rizal’s greatest and weakest attributes? Greatest: His devotion to his country. Weakest: He chose not to join the revolution.

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What were the qualities or virtues of Rizal as a student?

Instances in which he displayed courage, will-power, leadership and self abnegation are admirable. Events revealing his honesty, love and faith in God, love for fellowmen and love parents are shining virtues for everyone.

How would you strengthen your good attributes as a Filipino?

Let us do our best to preserve them.

  • Hospitability. It’s one of the most popular traits of Filipinos. …
  • Adaptability and resilience. …
  • Resourcefulness and creativity. …
  • Faithfulness. …
  • Unity in bayanihan spirit. …
  • Thriftiness. …
  • Politeness. …
  • Family-oriented.


How does the story of Rizal inspire you as a Filipino?

It inspired me to love the Philippines and everything in it. Moreover, it inspired me to become an achiever in school and in profession soon. To simply put, the story of Dr. Jose Rizal inspired me in such a way that it drives my burning desire to be a good citizen and an excellent student.

What made Jose Rizal the greatest Filipino hero?

Jose Rizal became the Philippine national hero because he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. He expressed his love for the Philippines through his novels, essays and articles rather than through the use of force or aggression. … Most of the world Heroes was elevated as such because of their war exploits.

What were Jose Rizal’s last words?

Last Words Of: Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines. “Consummatum Est!” (It is finished!) were Rizal’s last words during his execution by firing squad in Bagumbayan on December 30, 1896. His words are said to have been the same ones used by Jesus Christ shortly before he died of crucifixion.

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What is the greatest contribution of Rizal to Philippine society?

Answer: The Greatest Contributions of Rizal is his Poem entitled A La Juventud Filipina (To the Filipino Youth) which states even in the young age anyone can serve his/her Country and desire the best for it.

What message can you give to the Filipino youth?


  • never stop loosing hope, never stop dreaming, never stop trusting your self, and , never forget to trust, to faith in God.
  • naks ang galing nakaka inspire.
  • thats a Lot of Inspiration Well Thanks We appreciate That !


Who is Rizal in the eyes of the Filipino youth?

Because of his famed reputation as a Casanova, it was believed that he was involved with a beautiful woman living somewhere in the border of Germany and Austria making people spread statements that Adolf Hitler of Germany and Mao Zedong of China were sons of Jose Rizal.

What title did Rizal accord to the Filipino youth?

“A la juventud filipina” was written by Rizal when he was only eighteen years old, and was dedicated to the Filipino youth which he describes as “the fair hope of my motherland.”

A la juventud filipina.

Author José Rizal
Publication date 1879
Media type Print
Notes from the road