What are the aquatic resources in the Philippines?

Major Species Volume (tonnes) As % of total
Indian sardine 175 159.54 16.8
Round scad 167 152.72 16.0
Skipjack 165 105.27 15.8
Yellowfin tuna 79 508.70 7.6

What are the aquatic resources?

Aquatic resources means wetlands, streams, lakes, rivers, springs, seeps, reservoirs, ponds, groundwater, riparian areas, and the fauna that reside within them. Aquatic resources include permanent, seasonal, flowing, standing, natural, or man-made water bodies.

What are the resources of water for aquaculture in the Philippines?

Most tilapia production came from freshwater fishponds (53.88 percent) and the remainder from freshwater fish cages (37.85 percent), brackish water fishponds (6.75 percent), freshwater fish pens (1.40 percent), brackish water fish cages (0.06 percent), brackish water fish pens (0.04 percent) and marine fish cages (0.01 …

What are the marine resources in the Philippines?

With over 36,000 kilometers of coast, nearly 30,000 square kilometers of coral reefs and an estimated 97,800 hectares of seagrass, the Philippines is one of the richest countries in terms of marine biodiversity. The country is home to over 500 coral species and approximately 915 reef fish species.

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What are the aquatic ecosystem in the Philippines?

The Philippines has various freshwater ecosystems consisting of lakes, swamps, rivers, reservoirs and ponds with an aggregate area of more than 370,000 hectares. These resources are valuable to the economy and to biodiversity.

What are the major types of aquatic system?

Aquatic ecosystems are generally divided into two types –the marine ecosystem and the freshwater ecosystem. The largest water ecosystem is the marine ecosystem, covering over 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Oceans, estuaries, coral reefs and coastal ecosystems are the various kinds of marine ecosystems.

What is the importance of aquatic resources?

As the main animal protein source in already protein-poor diets, aquatic resources are central to maintaining people’s health and well-being. Strategies for food security and poverty alleviation in Attapeu Province should pay special attention to sustainable aquatic resources management.

What are the major fishery resources in the Philippines?

Production sectorAs an archipelagic state with over 2.2 million km2 of highly productive seas, the Philippines has vast fishery resources at its disposal.

Major Species Volume (tonnes) As % of total
Fimbriated sardine 48 440.75 4.6
Big-eyed scad 42 795.50 4.1
Indian mackerel 36 268.87 3.5
Anchovies 27 150.09 2.6

What are the two types of aquaculture?

Aquaculture is a method used to produce food and other commercial products, restore habitat and replenish wild stocks, and rebuild populations of threatened and endangered species. There are two main types of aquaculture—marine and freshwater.

What are water quality parameters?

Water quality parameters include chemical, physical, and biological properties and can be tested or monitored based on the desired water parameters of concern. Parameters that are frequently sampled or monitored for water quality include temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, ORP, and turbidity.

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What are the major crops in the Philippines?

The leading crops are rice, maize, sugarcane, coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, cassava, coffee, sweetpotato and eggplant. In terms of harvest area, the most extensively grown crops are rice, coconut, maize, sugarcane, banana, cassava, coffee, mango, sweetpotato and Manila hemp.

How extensive are the marine resources of the Philippines?

As an archipelagic state with over 2.2 million km2 of highly productive seas, the Philippines is fortunate to have vast fishery resources at its disposal.

Land area: 301 000 km2
Total marine water area (including EEZ): 2 200 000 km2
Shelf area (to depth 200 m): 184 600 km2
Length of coastline: 17 460 km

What is the best part of the Philippines?

The Philippines’ best beaches and islands

  • El Nido, Palawan. This is one pit stop you’ll want to extend. …
  • Boracay, Aklan. …
  • Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley. …
  • Panglao, Bohol. …
  • Bantayan Island, Cebu. …
  • Caramoan, Camarines Sur. …
  • Samal, Davao. …
  • Siargao Islands, Surigao del Norte.


What is an example of an aquatic ecosystem?

Examples of aquatic ecosystem include oceans, lakes and rivers. An aquatic ecosystem includes freshwater habitats like lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans and streams, wetlands, swamp, etc. and marine habitats include oceans, intertidal zone, reefs, seabed and so on.

What is the ecosystem in the Philippines?

Among the natural ecosystems are forest, grassland and coastal zone ecosystems. In the Philippines, the primary forests in the lowlands include mangrove forests, dipterocarp forests and molave forests.

What is the state of marine life in the Philippines?

But the country is struggling to conserve its marine life in the face of overfishing, destructive fishing practices, and growing plastic pollution. These human activities coupled with climate change have led to an unparalleled decimation of its marine biodiversity.

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