How does ASF affect the economy of the Philippines?

African swine fever (ASF) sweeping through the Philippines has wiped out over a third of the country’s pig stocks, threatening food security in a country already reeling from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. … The source says this has led to a rise in prices of many food items.

How does ASF affect the economy?

The disease is known for its economic impact on smallholders and emerging commercial farmers. It negatively affects the livelihoods of numerous poor households that depend on pigs as a source of protein and income, as means to capitalise savings, and as ‘safety nets’ during times of hardship.

What is the effect of African swine fever in the Philippines?

“The ASF is responsible for the significant reduction in the country’s swine population by around three million hogs, resulting in more than PHP100 billion ($2.08 billion) in losses due to the local hog sector and allied industries, and leading to increased retail prices of pork products,” the proclamation says.

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What is the effect of ASF?

African swine fever causes severe illness and high death rates in pigs. All ages of pigs are affected. Signs of illness include high fever, decreased appetite, and weakness. The skin may be reddened, blotchy, or have blackened lesions, especially on the ears, tail, and lower legs.

What is African swine fever in the Philippines?

“(The) ASF is a severe and fatal disease of domestic and wild pigs that is currently decimating the local hog industry of the country. The disease has already spread to 12 regions, 40 provinces, 466 cities and municipalities, and 2,425 barangays to date,” Dar said in a memorandum shared to reporters on Thursday.

How can ASF affect humans?

African swine fever is a contagious, viral disease that affects domestic pigs and wild boar, leading to high mortality. It does not affect people. First detected in the early 1900s in Africa, the disease has spread to countries in Asia and Europe.

Is there a vaccine for ASF?

The Department of Agriculture through the Bureau of Animal Industry (DA-BAI) — in collaboration with a US vaccine company, and Zoetiz, a global animal health company — has started initial vaccine trials in areas previously affected by the dreaded African Swine Fever (ASF).

Is it safe to eat pork in the Philippines 2020?

The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday, October 24, assured the public that eating pork products contaminated with African swine fever (ASF) does not affect human health. “It is completely safe. … “Those threatened by (ASF) are only hogs, and not humans. ASF has no health hazards to humans,” he added.

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Why is pork so expensive in the Philippines?

Nicanor Briones of the Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines (ProPork) said hog raisers had to drastically cut supply as they dealt with the massive losses. … After the oversupply in 2020, the industry is now holding back supply amid increased demand, causing the rise in prices.

Is ASF a virus?

African swine fever is a highly contagious and deadly viral disease affecting both domestic and feral swine of all ages. ASF is not a threat to human health and cannot be transmitted from pigs to humans.

What happens if you eat pork with swine flu?

Swine flu is not transmitted by food. It is not a so-called foodborne illness. Bacon, ham and other pork products are safe to eat, assuming they are prepared properly. An internal temperature of 160 degrees for cooked meat will kill any bacteria or virus.

How does ASF virus spread?

African Swine Fever can be spread through: direct contact with infected pigs, faeces or body fluids. indirect contact via fomites such as equipment, vehicles or people who work with pigs between pig farms with ineffective biosecurity. pigs eating infected pig meat or meat products.

Are pigs safe to eat?

In a word, yes. The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it’s safe; as does the National Pork Producers Council, of course. … “Properly cooked” means heating the meat to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which country currently has the most cases of ASF?

The largest outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) of 2020 so far has been reported in Kyiv province of Ukraine. In China, severe measures to control the production and use of illegal ASF vaccines are being taken.

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How do you prevent ASF?

Culling animals on infected farms, followed by cleaning and disinfection. Tracing possible contact farms, followed by quarantine or preventive culling. Tightening biosecurity measures. Transport ban on pigs and pork products.

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