How many rivers are in Myanmar?

Myanmar, a golden land, is rich in natural resources. And it is aslo fomous for its agriculture.In the same way, it is rich in water resource with its four main rivers which are Ayeyarwaddy,Chindwin,Sittaung and Thanlwin.

How many big rivers are there in Myanmar?

Longest Rivers In Myanmar (Burma)

Rank Longest Rivers in Myanmar (Burma) Total Length
1 Mekong 2,703 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
2 Salween 1,491 miles (shared with Thailand and China)
3 Irrawaddy 1,348 miles
4 Chindwin 750 miles

What are the main rivers in Myanmar?

Rivers -The Flowing Nectar

  • Irrawaddy/Ayeyarwady River. Myanmar’s most important commercial waterway is Irrawaddy River which is the principal river of Myanmar, running through the centre of the country. …
  • Chindwin River. …
  • Salween River. …
  • Sittaung River.


Which is the longest river of Myanmar?

The Longest River in Myanmar – Ayeyarwaddy River

  • Asia.
  • Myanmar.
  • Sagaing Region.
  • Mingun.
  • Mingun – Places to Visit.
  • Ayeyarwaddy River.
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What are the names of two rivers found in Myanmar?

The Irrawaddy is the biggest river in Myanmar, into which most of the river’s basin falls. Here, it is known as the Ayeyarwady. The river itself is often regarded as only starting at the confluence of two of its major tributaries, the N’Mai and the Mali Rivers, which converge in southern Kachin State.

What is the most important river in Myanmar?

The Irrawaddy is the largest and most important river in Burma (Myanmar). It flows from north to south, through the Irrawaddy Delta, emptying into the Andaman Sea.

Which is the longest river in Asia?

Yangtze River, Chinese (Pinyin) Chang Jiang or (Wade-Giles romanization) Ch’ang Chiang, longest river in both China and Asia and third longest river in the world, with a length of 3,915 miles (6,300 km).

Which is the longest river of Sri Lanka?

Mahaweli Ganga, (Sinhalese: “Great Sandy River”), river, central and eastern Sri Lanka. At 208 mi (335 km) in length, it is Sri Lanka’s longest river.

Which river is known as Iravati?

According to ancient history traced to Vedas, the Ravi River was known as Iravati (also spelt Eeravati; Sanskrit: इरावती, परुष्णि) The Ravi was known as Purushni or Iravati to Indians in Vedic times and as Hydraotes (Ancient Greek: ‘ϒδραωτης) to the Ancient Greeks.

What is the capital of Myanmar?


Which is the largest river in China?

The Yangtze River (or, “Changjiang” in Chinese, literally, the “long river”), is the longest river in China, running 6,300 kilometers (3915 miles).

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What is national game of Myanmar?

Myanmar’s national sport comes to Ottawa. Some refugees in Ottawa play a regular pick-up game of chinlone, Myanmar’s national sport.

What is the biggest lake in Myanmar?

Located in northern Myanmar, Indawgyi Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Myanmar.

What is the shortest river in Myanmar?

Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy River ဧရာဝတီမြစ်
Country Myanmar
Cities Myitkyina, Mandalay, Bhamo
Physical characteristics
Source Ridong Qu headwaters, southeast Tibet, China: The geographical source.

Which is the longest river of Bhutan?

The Manas and all its main branches, including all its tributaries, constitutes the largest river system in Bhutan, with a total length of 3 200 km. The main Manas, or Gong River drains about 18 300 km2 in eastern Bhutan, rising beyond the Great Himalayan range.

What is the staple food of Myanmar?

Myanmar is an agrarian country with rice as the principal crop. Rice is the staple food except among those in highland areas where rice is difficult to grow. In those areas, rice, millet, sorghum, and corn are staples.

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