How much does it cost for a simple Indian wedding in Malaysia?

Rajes Sivagamy, founder of Femina Bridal and Wedding Gallery, said that Indian weddings on average cost RM70,000 if the reception is held at a hotel, noting that costs can skyrocket up to RM200,000. “A wedding is a big event. We can have 800 to 1,000 pax, 1,500 pax, or even 2,000 to 2,500 pax,” Rajes said.

How much does an Indian wedding cost in Malaysia?

A recent survey conducted found Malaysian Indian couples spend an average of RM 5000-8000 on wedding decors and RM 3000-RM6000 on door gifts.

How much does a simple wedding cost in Malaysia?

According to The Asean Post article of Rising Wedding Costs In Southeast Asia, the average cost of weddings in Malaysia is between RM50,000 to RM200,000, which is not including the honeymoon expenses. Indeed, it takes wedding couples to plan and save money for years in terms to achieve the perfect wedding.

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How much does a wedding cost in Malaysia?

If you’re an average Malaysian, this is the number that you’ll be benchmarking. The lowest wedding cost was RM 32,100, held back in 2018. The highest wedding cost was RM 113,300, held back in 2015. That’s a whopping RM 81,200 difference between the cheapest and highest from my test sample.

How much does it cost for Indian wedding?

An average Indian wedding could cost between 20 lakhs to 5 crores. A person in India is estimated to spend one-fifth of the total wealth accumulated in his lifetime on his wedding. From fashion designers, event planners, florists to caterers, you need to hire an efficient team to make your special day truly incredible.

How can I get a cheap Indian wedding?

Here are 10 logical and easy ways to budget for an Indian wedding:

  1. Know your limits. Before you begin wedding planning, consider who’s going to contribute financially and who’s going to help out. …
  2. Buy off-season. …
  3. Consider the season. …
  4. Buy in bulk. …
  5. DIY when possible. …
  6. Keep things low-key. …
  7. Plan ahead. …
  8. Shop around.

How much does a middle class Indian wedding cost?

The average middle-class wedding cost in India has already reached above INR 10 lakhs. It is very important to get your cost calculations right.

How much should I save for a wedding in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, a wedding is expected to set couples back by at least RM50,000 on average, and this does not include the cost for a honeymoon. It is important to set a realistic wedding budget from the start to ensure the financial wellness of you and your spouse as you transition into married life.

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How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner in Malaysia?

They also help the couples or the family of the brides and grooms to customize the wedding according to their ideas and will. The cost for having a wedding planner including wedding packages will range from RM3000 to RM15000.

How much should I pay for Chinese dowry?

The most common amounts given range from $1,888 to $8,888. There is no minimum sum, nor is there a limit as well. It is entirely up to you. The bride’s family will return a part of the total Pin Jin to the groom’s family.

Who pays for weddings in China?

In traditional Chinese weddings, the groom’s side is supposed to pay for the wedding. But in the States, the bride’s family is expected to pay.

Why is wedding so expensive?

The simple answer is weddings have many moving parts: caterers, reception, pictures, videography, makeup, etc. All of these things cost money, which makes the price tag add up quickly.

How do I plan a wedding in Malaysia?

Complete Wedding Checklist For Your Wedding Planning

  1. Date – make sure to have two or three in case your minister or venue are not available.
  2. Venue – church, temple, mosque, etc.
  3. Celebrant – priest, minister, rabbi, etc.
  4. Reception hall.
  5. Guest list.
  6. Food & Drink.
  7. Music.

Who pays for an Indian wedding?

Who pays for an Indian wedding? It’s mostly split between the couple and their parents, 50/50. Sometimes however, if one side is insisting on more guests or extra fanfare, then those costs are adjusted.

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What is the minimum budget for a wedding?

The wedding cost in metropolitan cities is estimated to be anywhere between Rs. 25 lakhs to 70 lakhs, while online matrimonial websites bring in anywhere between Rs. 200 – 250 crores, either through registration fees or match-making fees annually!

What color not to wear to an Indian wedding?

“Guests should try to avoid wearing red, since the bride typically wears red,” explains Nilima Patel, owner of Crimson Bleu Events. “Guests can wear any other color except for black. It’s definitely not a color you should wear at an Indian wedding.”

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