What is Rabbit card in Bangkok?

The Rabbit Card is a reloadable transport card used for the BTS Skytrain system in Bangkok that can also be used at selected F&B outlets and retail shops. These cards can carry a maximum of THB4,000 at any given time.

How do I get a bunny card in Bangkok?

Standard Rabbit Card are available for sales at all BTS Ticket Offices. Standard Rabbit Card can be obtained for 200 Baht, which include 100 Baht issuing fees and 100 Baht initial stored values. There is no annual fees for Standard Rabbit Card.

Where can I use my rabbit card in Bangkok?

Rabbit Card is not only can be used at BTS Skytrain (deduct fare and trips system), but also used for payment at other public transport in Bangkok and up country. For instance, City Buses and Express boats.

How do I register my rabbit card?

You can register for a free Rabbit Rewards account at www.rabbitrewards.co.th, mobile application,and kiosk. How to get points? You can get points by using your Rabbit Card or Rabbit LINE Pay e-wallet at the BTS and participating shops.

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How do I add money to my rabbit card?

To add money:

  1. From the Rabbit LINE Pay main menu, tap Add Money > Bank Account.
  2. Select a registered bank account or register a new one.
  3. Enter an amount and tap Add Money.
  4. Enter your Rabbit LINE Pay passcode.

Can I use rabbit card for MRT?

Can You Use A Rabbit Card on the MRT or ARL? No. Rabbit cards can’t be used on the subway system (MRT) or City Line Airport Rail Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Passengers have to buy separate tickets to use those services.

How do I pay BTS in Bangkok?

There are four ways to buy a ticket for the BTS skytrain. 1) The most common method and easiest for tourists is to simply insert coins into the ticket machines located just before the barriers. Beside each machine is a map showing your present location and the rest of the BTS stations.

How can I get MRT card in Bangkok?

You can also buy your ticket from MRT Station Ticket Office. Just stand in a queue, proceed to one of the windows, tell your destination and a number of tickets, pay money and you will get a token and change if any. Keep in mind that Single Journey Tickets are valid for travel on date of purchase only.

How do you get paid at Rabbit line?

Rabbit LINE Pay

  1. Access “Rabbit LINE Pay” faster at Quick access or select “Banking”
  2. Enter your 6-digit Mobile PIN or use Touch ID / Face ID / Finger Print.
  3. Select “Rabbit LINE Pay” at Banking screen.
  4. Select “Log in with LINE”
  5. Read Terms and Conditions and select “Accept” then click “Allow”
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What is Rabbit line pay?

LINE Announces “Rabbit LINE Pay” Business Partnership in Thailand between LINE Pay and Offline Payment Platform Rabbit. … LINE Pay is an innovative and fun mobile payment platform from LINE (via the legal entity LINE Biz Plus Limited) that provides fast, easy and convenient payment on the go.

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