What is the fourth largest and deepest lake in the Philippines?

Lake Mainit is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines, having a surface area of 173.40 square kilometres (66.95 sq mi). The lake is also the deepest lake in the country with maximum depth reaching 223 metres (732 ft).

What are the five largest lakes in the Philippines?

The Five Largest Lakes in the Philippines

  1. Laguna de Baý Laguna de Baý is the largest lake in the Philippines. …
  2. Lake Lanao. Lake Lanao is the second biggest lake in the Philippines, with an area of 340 sq km and a maximum depth of 122 m. …
  3. Taal Lake. …
  4. Lake Mainit. …
  5. Naujan Lake.


What is the highest lake in the Philippines?

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Lake Name Elevation in feet
Lake Pinatubo (Philippines) 2,953
Lake Lanao (Philippines) 2,297
Taal Lake (Philippines) 16
Laguna de Bay (Philippines) 4
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What is the second largest lake in the Philippines?

Lake Lanao is the second largest lake in the Philippines and has an area of 131 square miles (340 square km). Its outlet is the Agus River, which flows north, over Maria Cristina Falls, where there is a hydroelectric power plant, to Iligan Bay.

What is the only lake in the Philippines which is above sea level?

1. Laguna de Bay is the largest fresh water lake in the Philippines, and the third largest in South East Asia. The lake has a surface area of 911-949 km² (352-366 sq mi), with an average depth of about 2.8 metres (9 ft 2 in) and an elevation of about 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) above sea level.

What is the oldest lake in the Philippines?

Lake Lanao (Maranao: Ranao or Ranaw) is a large ancient lake in the Philippines, located in Lanao del Sur province in the country’s southern island of Mindanao.

Lake Lanao
Lake type Ancient lake, Rift lake
Primary inflows 4 tributaries
Primary outflows Agus River
Basin countries Philippines

What is the smallest volcano in the Philippines?

Taal Volcano – Taal (Batangas) The smallest and second most active volcano in the Philippines.

What is the largest body of water in the Philippines?

Laguna de Bay, lake, the largest inland body of water in the Philippines, on Luzon just southeast of Manila.

What is the lowest place in the Philippines?

Geography of the Philippines

Continent Asia
Borders None
Highest point Mount Apo 2,954 meters (9,692 ft)
Lowest point Galathea Depth 10,540 meters (34,580 ft) (sea level)
Longest river Cagayan River
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What is the largest man made lake in the Philippines?

Lake Lanao located in the Province of Lanao del Sur, in the heart of Mindanao at 701.35 meters above sea level.

Why Taal Lake is famous?

Located just thirty miles from Manila, Taal is the Philippines’ equivalent to Oregon’s famous Crater Lake, because it fills the caldera of a massive prehistoric volcano. … As a result, Taal Lake is home to some unique fauna, including one of the only two known species of sea snakes that can live in freshwater.

What is the largest park in the Philippines?

Mounts Iglit – Baco is the largest national park in the Philippines. The park is spread over an area of 291 square miles. The inception of this national park can be traced from the year 1933.

Which is the longest lake in the world?

Lake Tanganyika, second largest of the lakes of eastern Africa. It is the longest freshwater lake in the world (410 miles [660 km]) and the second deepest (4,710 feet [1,436 metres]) after Lake Baikal in Russia.

Is it safe to swim in Taal Lake?

Taal Lake is located on Luzon Island in the Philippines, 37 miles south of Manila. … Swimming is allowed in Crater Lake, but don’t stay in for very long; the lake’s water is a very diluted form of sulfuric acid with a high concentration of boron, magnesium, aluminum and sodium in salt form.

Can you swim in Laguna Lake Philippines?

San Pablo City, Laguna is home to seven crater lakes scattered about the city. … In Lake Pandin, there are rafting tours aboard bamboo rafts, where you can enjoy lunch and snacks prepared by locals. The water here is also suitable for swimming.

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What is the major food crop in the Philippines?

The leading crops are rice, maize, sugarcane, coconut, banana, mango, pineapple, cassava, coffee, sweetpotato and eggplant. In terms of harvest area, the most extensively grown crops are rice, coconut, maize, sugarcane, banana, cassava, coffee, mango, sweetpotato and Manila hemp.

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