What is the mountain range in Thailand?

Phetchabun Range, Thai Thiu Khao Phetchabun, mountain range in north-central Thailand. A heavily forested southern extension of the Luang Prabang Range, it runs north-south, forming the western rim of the Khorat Plateau, and rises to 5,840 feet (1,780 metres).

What are the major mountain ranges in Thailand?

Highest Mountains In Thailand

  • Doi Inthanon. Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest mountain, reaching up to an elevation of 2,565 meters. …
  • Doi Pha Hom Pok. The Doi Pha Hom Pok is the second highest mountain in Thailand at an elevation of 2,296 meters. …
  • Doi Chiang Dao. …
  • Impact on Tourism.

What is the main mountain in Thailand?

Mount Inthanon, Thai Doi Inthanon, mountain in northwestern Thailand that is the country’s highest peak (8,481 feet [2,585 m]). It lies southwest of Chiang Mai, in a spur of the Danen Range between the Chaem (west) and Ping (east) rivers.

Does Thailand have any mountains?

The Thai highlands or Hills of northern Thailand is a mountainous natural region in the north of Thailand. Its mountain ranges are part of the system of hills extending through Laos, Burma, and China and linking to the Himalayas, of which they may be considered foothills.

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What is the highest point in Thailand?

Doi Inthanon (Thai: ดอยอินทนนท์, pronounced [dɔ̄ːj ʔīn. tʰā. nōn]) is the highest mountain in Thailand. It is in Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province.

What is the capital city of Thailand?


What is the center of Thailand?

Central Thailand (central plain) is one of the regions of Thailand, covering the broad alluvial plain of the Chao Phraya River.

Central Thailand.

Central Region ภาคกลาง
Largest city Bangkok
Provinces show 21 Provinces 1 Special administrative area
• Total 91,798.64 km2 (35,443.65 sq mi)

What is the most important river in Thailand?

The Chao Phraya River is the major river of Thailand and the shortest of the great rivers of the mainland….…

What are 3 major cities in Thailand?

Biggest Cities In Thailand

Rank Biggest Cities in Thailand Metro Population
1 Bangkok 14,565,547
2 Nonthaburi 270,609
3 Nakhon Ratchasima 174,332
4 Chiang Mai 174,235

When did it last snow in Thailand?

According to Thailand’s national weather archives, it did snow, once! The only ever official (I use that word loosely) snow recorded in Thailand was in Chiang Rai on 7th January 1955 (see the picture below). According to the notice on this picture, the snow (sort of) came after rainfall at 6pm.

What is Thailand’s national animal?

The history of elephants in Thailand

Their major contributions to endeavours ranging from royal parades, to war, and logging, led to their revered status as Thailand’s national animal.

Does it snow in Thailand?

But does it snow in Thailand? No, it does not snow in Thailand. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Thailand was a reading of -1.4°C (29°F) in Sakhon Nakhon from 1974 that is from Thailand’s climate change report.

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Are there mountains in Bangkok?

Khao Mokoju

Standing at 1,964 meters, this is no mountain for the untrained. Mokoju is located inside Mae Wong National Park, Kampaengpet Province, around 400km from Bangkok, and it takes five days to trek in and out.

Is Thailand a tropical country?

Most of Thailand has a “tropical wet and dry or savanna climate” type (Köppen’s Tropical savanna climate). The majority of the south as well as the eastern tip of the east have a tropical monsoon climate. Parts of the south also have a tropical rainforest climate. Thailand has three seasons.

Is Doi Inthanon worth visiting?

IS THE DOI INTHANON TOUR WORTH IT? If you have the time, then yes. If you’re staying long enough in Chiang Mai, then a day or overnight trip to Doi Inthanon is something to consider. The views are spectacular and it’s always fun visiting mountains.

How high is Chiang Mai?


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