What kind of rice is used in Vietnamese cooking?

Rice is served with almost every meal in Vietnam, and making rice is often the first thing we learn to do in the kitchen as children.

What is the best Vietnamese rice?

Vietnam Has Rice: 10 of Its Finest Varieties

  • Tấm/Broken rice – Ho Chi Minh City.
  • “ Cháy”/Burned Rice – Ninh Binh.
  • Green Crab Rice in Phú Quốc.
  • Coconut Rice – Ben Tre.
  • ” Hell rice” – Huế
  • Lam/Bamboo Rice.
  • Com Dap – Beaten rice.
  • Nị rice.

What are the main ingredients in Vietnamese cooking?

Main Ingredients In Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Fish Sauce. Fish sauce, also known as nuoc mam in Vietnam, is a mandatory ingredient if you want to prepare Vietnamese dishes at home. …
  • Oyster Sauce. …
  • Shrimp Paste. …
  • Jasmine Rice. …
  • Pickled Vegetables. …
  • Rock Sugar. …
  • Sambal Oelek. …
  • Rice Noodles.


How do you cook Vietnamese rice?

To cook a pot of rice:

  1. Bring the rice and water to a boil (or near boil) over medium-high or high heat. …
  2. Give the rice a stir with chopsticks to loosen the grains sticking to the bottom.
  3. Lower the heat to medium so the rice simmers vigorously. …
  4. Decrease the heat to low, cover, and cook for 10 minutes.
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What ingredients are used in Vietnam?

Pantry staples

  • Fish sauce. Fish sauce is the essence of Vietnamese food, a source of flavour as well as protein. …
  • Hoi sin. A thick, sweet Chinese barbecue sauce made from salted black beans, onions and garlic. …
  • Anchovy sauce. …
  • Chilli sauce. …
  • Shrimp sauce. …
  • Master stock. …
  • Cassia. …
  • Star anise.


Pho might be Vietnam’s most famous dish but bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in the capital.

What is the healthiest Vietnamese food?

The Healthiest Vietnamese Food

  • Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls)
  • Goi tom (shrimp salad)
  • Pho (noodle soup)
  • Chao ga (Vietnamese congee/rice porridge)
  • Goi ngo sen (lotus root salad)
  • Gao luc (brown rice)
  • Kho to (clay pot dishes)
  • Canh chua (Vietnamese sour soup)


Beginning in the North and traveling southwards, here are the 10 essential styles of Vietnamese noodle soup.

  • Phở Beef phở …
  • Bún Thang. Bún Thang. …
  • Bún Măng Vịt. Bún Măng Vịt. …
  • Bún Bò Huế …
  • Cao Lầu. …
  • Bánh Canh. …
  • Mì Quảng. …
  • Miến Gà


Why do Vietnamese eat broken rice?

Broken rice was used solely because it was readily available in the farmers’ houses and could fill their stomachs for a long time. Since Vietnam’s urbanization in the first half of the 20th century, Com Tam became popular across Southern provinces, including Saigon.

Do Vietnamese eat jasmine rice?

Jasmine Rice

Rice is served with almost every meal in Vietnam, and making rice is often the first thing we learn to do in the kitchen as children. … It’s important to note that unlike sushi rice or regular white rice, jasmine rice is drier and not glutinous, but can still hold together when cooked properly.

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Is 1 cup of rice enough for 2?

Measure one cup of long grain white rice into a cup and level it off. One cup of dry rice will make enough cooked rice for two to three adult servings. (Or two adults and two small children.) The cool thing about this recipe is it is proportional.

What is the healthiest rice?

Rice comes in several colors, shapes and sizes, but the most popular are white and brown rice. White rice is the most commonly consumed type, but brown rice is widely recognized as a healthier option.

Brown Rice is Higher in Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals.

Brown (RDI) White (RDI)
Zinc 4% 3%

When cooking rice What is the ratio of water to rice?

The basic water to white rice ratio is 2 cups water to 1 cup rice. You can easily, double and even triple the recipe; just make sure you are using a pot large enough to hold the rice as it cooks and expands.

What is the national dish of Vietnam?

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam and is sold everywhere from nice restaurants to street corners where grandmothers set up makeshift kitchens. For this version, all of the components—noodles, beef brisket broth, herbs, chiles—are served separately.

What is the major religion in Vietnam?

The government census of 2019 shows that Catholicism, for the first time, is the largest religious denomination in Vietnam, surpassing Buddhism. Ecclesiastical sources report there are about 7 million Catholics, representing 7.0% of the total population.

What is the staple food of Vietnam?

Rice is the staple food in Vietnam. Soup with rice noodles is a national dish. Recipes for main meals make use of vegetables, meat and fish. Herbs and spices used in food preparation include basil, coriander, lemon grass, mint and black pepper.

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