When can I renew my Thai drivers license?

When can I renew my Thai driving Licence?

You can renew your license up to 3 months before the expiration of your current one. You can also renew it up to 1 year after the expiration date with no penalty. If your license has expired by more than 1 year, you must retake the theory test and pass 45 of 50 questions to renew.

Can I renew my Thai driving Licence online?

Unfortunately, driver’s licenses cannot be renewed online in Thailand.

What documents do I need to renew my Thai driving Licence?

Documents Required:

A valid passport. A valid Non-Immigrant Visa. A work permit OR certified letter of address from the applicant’s embassy or the Immigration Bureau (the document cannot be older than 30 days) 2 photographs, 1×1 inch and not older than 6 months.

What’s the earliest you can renew your license?

The renewal period for driver’s licenses varies by state. It can range from three months to as much as a year before the expiration date, and up to two years after the expiration date. There are usually no restrictions on renewing early unless you are under the age of 21.

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How much does it cost to renew Thai driving Licence?

If you do like I did and wait for your license to expire first, then they will give you five years from the date of your next birthday. So, I got 5 years + 359 days. The cost for me was 555 Baht as I had to have some details changed. But the standard fee is 500 Baht.

What is needed for driving Licence renewal?

A completed and signed driving licence application form. Your current or most recent driving licence. If your licence has been lost, stolen or damaged, you must also bring valid photo ID with you. Proof of your personal public services number (PPSN).

How much is a Thai driving Licence?

Driving licence in Thailand

Thai Driving Licence ใบอนุญาตขับรถ
Purpose To demonstrate that the holder is permitted to drive in Thailand.
Eligibility Car: 18 years old Motorcycle: 15 years old
Expiration Private: 5 years Public or large vehicles: 3 years
Cost ฿100 or ฿50 per year, plus ฿5 or ฿50 according to the licence type.

Can foreigner drive in Thailand?

For an international driver’s license (Can only be done at The Department of Land Transport) An international driving license is accepted as long as it is valid, but a foreign license is not accepted in Thailand. If you are a resident and eligible, you should obtain a Thai Driver’s License.

Do I need an international driver’s Licence in Thailand?


According to the UN Traffic Act of 1949 and the Thai Traffic Act of 1979, an IDP is not required if you are a tourist/visitor in Thailand as long as your license is in English, has a photo, and your country is a contracting state of the 1949 treaty, which most are.

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How do I get a residence certificate in Thailand?

If you’re a resident of Bangkok, you’ll need to get your Residence Certificate at the Division 1 Immigration Office on Chaengwathtana Road. The certificate will cost you 200 baht in Bangkok. On the first floor of the immigration office, you’ll find photo and copy centers if you need them.

Can I get a Thai drivers Licence on a tourist visa?

Can I get a Thai driving license on a Tourist Visa? The answer is yes. Regardless of what you read in forums, you can, and it is allowed. I did it when I was a tourist, and I asked in person at the Department of Land Transport.

What is the difference between license and Licence?

License as a Noun: Spelling and Examples

In American English, the noun is spelled the same as the verb—license. But in British English, the noun is spelled licence. All the while, the meaning stays the same—permission, a permit, a document that states you are qualified or allowed to do something.

How long can you drive around with an expired license?

Grace period of 60 days granted after the expiration of license for purpose of renewal, and license is valid during this period.

Can I renew my California driver’s license early?

You can renew your license up to six months before expiration and up to two months after it’s expired. About two months prior to the expiration you should receive a renewal notice in the mail from the California DMV.

What happens if my driving Licence is out of date?

If more than two years has passed since your driving licence expired, you may be made to retake your driving test in order to get a new licence. This is especially the case if your licence has expired due to age (driving licences need to be renewed when you reach seventy years of age) or for medical reasons.

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