Where can I buy cheong sam in Singapore?

Where can I buy modern cheongsam in Singapore?

10 retailers with modern cheongsams that you need to snag right away for CNY

  • Pomelo. Pomelo will be releasing a 56-piece Chinese New Year 2021 collection on 20 January. …
  • Love, Bonito. …
  • The Closet Lover. …
  • Fayth. …
  • Atelier Ong Shunmugam. …
  • Neonmello. …
  • MDS Collections. …
  • Love and Bravery.


Where can I buy cheongsam for kids in Singapore?

ALSO CHECK OUT: More Cheongsams And Chinese New Year Clothes For Kids In Singapore

  • Little Kooma, www.littlekooma.com.
  • Le Petit Society, lepetitsociety.com/shop/cny-2021.
  • Joli Pretty, jolipretty.com.
  • Clothier, www.clothier.com.sg.
  • MGP The Label, mgplabel.com.
  • The Closet Lover, www.theclosetlover.com/collection/cny-2021.

Where can I buy good quality cheongsam?

Best Places to Buy A Wedding Cheongsam

  • Etsy. Etsy is a popular marketplace for handmade or vintage items. …
  • Cozyladywear. Cozyladywear is an online shop based in China that has a wide selection of cheongsam dress styles. …
  • Local Chinatowns. …
  • Shop Internationally.

Does Chinatown sell cheongsam?

#01-248 Chinatown Complex

With basic cheongsams ranging from $26 and up, you can always swing by to pick one off the rack if you’re pressed for time. Apart from selling Chinese ethnic wear, they also sell clothing for dailywear to celebrate your post-CNY working life.

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How much does a cheongsam cost?

The exquisitely crafted dresses have been worn by Chinese-Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh (best known for starring in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) on the red carpet. Cheongsams start at around HK $4,000.

What is the difference between cheongsam and qipao?

While the terms cheongsam and qipao are often used interchangeably (the two terms do indeed refer to the same piece of apparel), they actually have different origins. Cheongsam is from Cantonese and translates as “long gown” while qipao is from Mandarin and literally means “banner robe.”

Where can I buy matching family outfits in Singapore?

Kids’ clothing stores in Singapore with matching family outfits

  • Jump Eat Cry – chic maternity wear with similar men’s and kids’ options. …
  • Angelic Eyes – mother-daughter dresses with vibrant prints. …
  • Yeo Mama Batik – hand-stamped batik cheongsams and shirts. …
  • Pocketpig Diary – casual Korean-style family outfits.


What should I wear for Chinese New Year?

Chinese usually wear red or other brightly-colored clothes on New Year’s Day, to go with the festive and upbeat mood. Black or white, symbolic of mourning and death would not be appropriate.

Where can I buy kids Chinese New Year clothes?

Shopping for Chinese New Year Clothes For Kids in Singapore

  • Credit: Voon and Daughters.
  • Credit: Voon and Daughters.
  • Credit: Chubby Chubby.
  • Credit: Chubby Chubby.
  • Credit: Hannabe.
  • Credit: Hannabe.
  • Credit: Sea Apple.
  • Credit: Baby Style Icon.


How much does a qipao cost?

One hand-painted customized qipao costs between $250-$275 (RMB 1,680-RMB1,900) and will take around 15 days to make.

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Is qipao traditional?

A Qipao, sometimes referred to as a cheongsam or a “Mandarin gown,” is a classic garment traditionally made from embroidered silk, featuring a high collar and delicate cloth buttons on the front. The qipaos you might be familiar with are tight-fitting and associated with the Shanghainese socialites of the ’60s.

Who invented the qipao?

The cheongsam, also known as a qipao, is a close-fitting dress that originated in 1920s Shanghai. It quickly became a fashion phenomenon that was adopted by movie stars and schoolgirls alike. The history of this iconic garment reflects the rise of the modern Chinese woman in the twentieth century.

What is China’s traditional clothing?

The Hanfu, Zhongshan suit (Mao suit), Tang suit, and cheongsam (qipao) are the four most distinctive types of traditional Chinese clothing.

What’s good at Chinatown Complex?

10 Best Food Spots In The Famous Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre!

  • Claypot & Cooked Food Kitchen. Photo: thesilverchef (Instagram) Photo: Singapore Foodie. …
  • Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu. …
  • Chinatown Special. …
  • Fatty Ox HK Kitchen. …
  • Lian He Ben Ji Claypot. …
  • Millennium Glutinous Rice. …
  • Chai Wee Cuttlefish. …
  • Outram Park Roasted Meat.


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